About MagickGAL

MagickGal came about when I (Kirsten Renee)  realized that it's who I am. Noticing that it was more than just a hashtag being used on my Instagram. MagickGal came into my life in such a sneaky and powerful way, she rose from the ashes of On The Edge and became her own.  With a full time business making holestic living items and using her connection to spirit to help others connect to self, she still has time to build a community of love.  MagickGal is more than me,  and is me all at the same time.  

Helping other millennial women find their magick and own their specific style of witchcraft. Being a witch doesn't mean that you have to cast spells, hex ex lovers, or read tarot.  Being a witch is about creating the life you want and allowing yourself to have it. Creating the life you want is the key to having the divine open up to you! 

Come join us in finding our voice, and owning our power!