Welcome to our little piece of this community, we are but two young black women who have something to say. We are Kirsten + Mariah we are sisters in a sense. We come from different humans, but our souls are definitely related. We created this space for people who like us, often feel like aliens because no one ever gets it. We hope that On The Edge becomes a place where people spread nothing but love + their truth. OTE is love + love is truth.

Check out this weeks playlist brought to you by yours truly.  Our playlists are only on Spotify, so we decided to list the songs here too! 




  1. Lolawolf ‘ Bitch’
  2. Lucy Rose ‘Shiver’ 
  3. Chester French ‘Black Girls’ 
  4. Massive Attack ‘Paradise Circus’
  5. Chance The Rapper ‘How Great’
  6. Mickey Guyton ‘ Heartbreak Song’
  7. Fannypack ‘Hey Mami’
  8. Grapell ‘Best Friend’
  9. Tegan + Sara ‘Hang on to the Night’
  10. Suga Free ‘ Allergic To Bullshit’ 
  11. Blackbear ‘Deadroses’ 
  12. The 1975 ‘Loving Someone’
  13. Major Lazer ‘Mary Jane’
  14. Walk The Moon ‘ We Are The Kids’
  15. Troye Sivan ‘Too Good’
  16. Borns ‘American Money’
  17. Grimes ‘Vowels = Space + Time’
  18. The Maine ‘Ice Cave’
  19. Best Coast ‘ Our Deal’
  20. Broods ‘Sober’


In light of what is happening in this world, we would like to say that no matter what the media tells you. We WILL BE alright, this fight is worth it, and no matter how hard they try to tear us down our spirits will NEVER shake.  We stand with the victims of police brutality, and we stand in solitude with those of us still living to fight. We will not be silenced, and we will not bow down to those in power. Black lives matter, and we will do EVERYTHING in our willpower to make sure that message is as clear as a sunny day.