Happy Friday everyone! We want to take a minute to send our love + light to the people affected by the tragedies in Paris.  There is so much going on in this world + we just want people to remember that there is good out here. In light of all that is happening please remember that it’s okay to check out for awhile. Death and pain can take a toil on people + if it’s causing you mental discomfort take time for yourself.  

OTE Is Love. 

It’s another week, and another playlist! Check out our Editor’s Choice Playlist for the week! Our playlists are only on Spotify, so we decided to list the songs here too! 


  1. Brooke Waggoner ‘Fresh Pair of Eyes’
  2. Turnover ‘Dizzy On The Comedown’
  3. Lydia ‘All I See’
  4. Cupcakke ‘Deepthroat’
  5. Forever The Sickest Kids ‘She’s A Lady’
  6. Karen O + The Kids ‘All Is Love’
  7. The Veronica’s ‘ Take Me On The Floor’
  8. The Maine ‘ Waiting For My Sun To Shine’
  9. Miniature Tigers ‘Used To Be My Shit’
  10. Bando Jonez ‘ Sex You’
  11. The Cool Kids ‘Bassment Party’
  12. Selena ‘Como La Flor’
  13. Queen Latifah ‘ U. N. I. T. Y.’
  14. Brandy ‘I Wanna Be Down’
  15. Local Natives ‘Fountain Of Youth’
  16. J.Cole ‘Wet Dreamz’
  17. Maxwell ‘Sumthin, Sumthin’
  18. Barf Troop ‘Garbage Pail Princess’
  19. Junglepussy ‘Pop for You
  20. Real Friends ‘Late Nights In My Car


It’s okay to not want to settle down and get married, in the world we live in women are expected to marry, bare children + that whole shebang. However, let me tell you something YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THAT UNLESS YOU WANT TO. That’s the thing about being human we can pick and choose who and what we are in this world. If you want to be a wife and a mother, go for it! Stripper? Do you girl! That’s the thing as women we have a life time of opportunity to showcase ourselves in whatever way we want.  Do not let anyone tell you any differently, your life is YOUR OWN. You do not owe anyone an explanation nor do you have to anyone’s permission to be yourself. Go out into this world, and be whoever the hell you want! 

Go be the badass that you are, and shake this world up. 

xx OTE Editorial Staff