Welcome friends! It’s another Friday + another chance to read brand new articles! As we always say, we are so thankful for all of you who have become a part of our community. We also want to say that a lot of bad is trying to takeover right now, and nobody has time for that. Continue to be positive and full of love, project those feelings into the world because we need it. Love always win, and hate has NO place here. 



Check out our Editor’s Choice Playlist for the week! Our playlists are only on Spotify, so we decided to list the songs here too!

  • Gucci Mane ‘Back On Road’
  • Lolawolf ‘ Teardrop’
  • Arkarna ‘ So Little Time’
  • Esthero ‘Black Mermaid’
  • Capital Cities ‘Safe + Sound’
  • Mark Morrison ‘Return of The Mack’
  • Backstreet Boys ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart’
  • Rihanna ‘James Joint’
  • The Cars ‘Drive’
  • The Hotelier ‘Your Deep Rest’
  • Cass McCombs ‘ I Went to The Hospital’
  • Ok Go ‘I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe’
  • DNCE ‘Pay My Rent’
  • The Weeknd ‘The Party + The Afterparty’
  • Massive Attack ‘What Your Soul Sings’
  • Melanie Martinez ‘Milk + Cookies’
  • Glass Animals ‘Cocoa Hooves’
  • Lykke Li ‘I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
  • Blackbear ‘Grey L.A’
  • Slow Magic ‘Girls’ 




Periods, every single person on this Earth with a vagina has one. Sometimes it comes at a reasonable time and sometimes it comes like a thief in the night to steal every pair of decent underwear you own.  Having a period is like having one of those distant relatives that you see only on holidays, and don’t actually like.  Your period is a time where it is acceptable to eat a lot, cry over small things and ask strangers to check out your butt.  Although, periods are a great way to clean out our bodies, and tell us that we aren’t having any babies. It can also be very difficult, between 1 and 20 people of childbearing age suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), approximately five million suffer from endometriosis, and many suffer from other reproductive complications that can cause fertility, weight gain, and in some cases cancer.  Many people as young as 13 have to take birth control to regulate their periods and help ease symptoms.   

There are many ways to help make being on your period a bit easier, some choose to take medicine (Advil, or something prescribed from their doctor), some even use tea and other homemade remedies to ease the pains coming from their uterus. Whoopi Goldberg and her business partner Maya Synergy created a line of medical cannabis products that are specifically made for your period! Obviously, you must be of legal age and live in a state that allows that to use the products!  There are also other alternatives to wearing factory made pads + tampons! Diva cups , period panties , and there are companies who make organic products as well! However, as it is YOUR period you use what makes you comfortable.  That’s the thing, you period is your own and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.  Having a period is a part of life and it’s normal. Bleeding from your vagina is normal, having stains on your panties from pads and tampons not doing their job is normal. It’s about time we get real about the crime scene in our panties y’all, and if someone makes you feel ashamed of it kick them in the kneecap!

As always make sure you go to the doctor if you feel like something is off, whether that be the color, smell or your cramps seem worse than normal. Your vagina is a part of your body and you should take care of it! 

xx The OTE Editorial Team