Welcome to another week at OTE! We’ve been working super hard this week to bring you all entertaining and informative articles! We hope that each and every one of you has the BEST and safest weekend. 



Check out our Editor’s Choice playlist for the week! Our playlists are only on Spotify, so we post them here too! 

  • Mod Sun ‘Stoner Girl’
  • Lucinda Williams ‘Something About What Happens When We Talk’
  • Rihanna ‘Sex With Me’
  • Coconut Records ‘Microphone’
  • Nicki Minaj ‘Moment 4 Life’
  • Fleetwood Mac ‘Rhiannon’
  • Nawlage ‘Husband or Wife remix (Feat French Montana)’
  • Turnover ‘Humblest Pleasures’
  • Fefe Dobson ‘Take Me Away’
  • Moonpools + Caterpillars ‘Hear’
  • The Kooks ‘ Naive’
  • The XX ‘Angels’
  •  The Raconteurs ‘Steady, As She Goes’
  • Cat Power ‘ Sea of Love’
  • Fallulah ‘Give Us a Little Love’
  • Kid Cudi ‘Girls (Feat Too $hort)’
  • OverDoz ‘Last Kiss’
  • Michelle Branch ‘Everywhere’
  • The Trucks ‘3 AM’
  • La Roux ‘Bulletproof’ 


We encourage the phrase “bad bitches never lose” here, and sure it may be a little progressive and unconventional. However that’s what we’re all about and the reason being is because we believe that being a bad ass is everything. Not in the “let’s rough people up + be delinquents ” way, but in the “we demand what we want out of this life + don’t apologize for it” way.  Bad bitches never lose because we have NO competition, we are in our own world.  We don’t even compete with ourselves, because we just merely exist and do our thing.  That’s the lesson this week, is to be the baddest you can be… Just be you. Do your thing and focus on YOUR own goals because no one is greater than you, and no one can do what you can.  Go out into this world, and be great.