Hello friends! This week’s edition of OTE is full of magic and amazing articles! We’ve been all feeling extra special because of the Aquarius full moon, and  have been closing down chapters of our life that don’t fit any more! What are some of the ways that you make necessary changes in your life? Let us know! 



Check out our Editor’s Choice playlist for the week! Our playlist’s are only on Spotify, but here’s this weeks list! 

  • Juvenile ‘ Slow Motion’
  • The All-American Rejects ‘Stab My Back’
  • Walk The Moon ‘Anna Sun’
  • Grouplove ‘Betty’s A Bombshell’ 
  • Rooney ‘When Did Your Heart Go Missing’
  • Sam Hunt ‘Leave The Night On’
  • Childish Gambino ‘Telegraph Ave. (Oakland by Llyod)’ 
  • Eli Young Band ‘Even If It Breaks Your Heart’
  • Michael Jackson ‘Human Nature’
  • Ke$ha ‘Sleazy’
  • Young The Giant ‘Mr. Know It All’
  • Cazwell ‘Ice Cream Truck’
  • Ariana Grande ‘Hands On Me’
  • Jonas Brothers ‘Games’
  • Powers  ‘Beat of My Drum’
  • Jaws ‘Stay In’
  • CL ‘Doctor Pepper’ 

This weeks message is about letting go of things when it’s time to. We each are blessed with one specific thing in common, life. We all have our own special lives that only we can control. With that being said, what do you do when your new phase affects others?  You can’t let that fact stop you from becoming who you’re supposed to! It’s impossible to please others, and to be honest the only one who you need to please is… YOU. Life is to short to not follow your gut and your dreams. So this week we challenge the OTE Community to let go of things that they no longer need. Whether that be people, actions, a job, whatever, LET IT GO! You have ALL of the power to do whatever your heart desires, so get out there … and DO IT.