How Can I Write For MG?

Hello pal! If you have an idea or a story to pitch to one of our editors email your idea/story to! We will be sure to get back to you within that day or following days!  


Are there any paid positions available? 

Currently we are not offering any paid positions. We're still in our startup phase, but we are working hard to change that! Keep an eye out for any paid opportunities that we post in the future!

Can I Purchase Apothecary Items?

Coming 2019! Our apothecary is coming along nicely and we can’t wait to share our magick with you!


How Often do you post?

We post new content throughout each month!You can also subscribe to our Newsletter! 

What're your social media handles?

You can find us on;

Twitter: @magick_gal


Instagram: @magickgal

What is MagickGAL?

MG is a place where a femme witch can cast a spell + get good life tips at the same time. The online space for the millennial gal who still has no idea what she's doing.