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photo criedit Tumblr

photo criedit Tumblr

Tarot card’s of the month is: the Queen of peNtacles + The Queen of Wands.

Hello friends! 

Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation! It’s February and though everyone kept saying how long January was. It’s very strange, January has always been my favorite month. It’s the beginning of a new year, my birthday is in January and just a lot of significant things have happened for me during that month. I’ve struggled a bit this year (two months in and I’m already a mess) but it’s not a struggle that’s bad. I recently sat down and had coffee with a friend. I kind of just broke down in front of her and spilled my sorrows onto the table.

It’s absolutely okay to not know what’s next, to feel a little lost in the sauce of the universe. Something I have recently come to terms with is my own connection to my journey. It is easy to focus on what isn’t there and for me, that’s what I’ve been good at. Living from a survival viewpoint instead of a grateful one. When you recognize the amount of love that surrounds you, you will understand that everything really is for a reason. Each and every second we make small choices that are apart of a bigger picture. Think about it, what if one day you woke up and decided that you no longer wanted your career. Instead of letting the thought be that, you took action. You quit your job and found something else that made your soul soar. Every choice that is made in your daily life has lead you to this very moment.

This month don’t let the fact that you can’t see what’s ahead stop you from moving. This month recognize your inner boss bitch and let the world see your shine! Whatever work you do is needed in this lifetime and the world needs to see that! Who and what you are is determined by what you choose to do. Be mindful of that before you take uncalculated steps.

Before I go, I also want to say HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH y’all! There is so much power in being a queer black woman. As I grow older (and somewhat wiser) I have found that my community is one of my sources of strength. Being black is something that feels like being a part of a different world. How we talk, worship, exist, and just create as a whole is something that can’t be matched. This February I challenge all of you, to support a black owned business. Share our stories, listen to us when we speak out about injustice, think of us when you vote for things.

I love you.

Blessed be,



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via Magickgal

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  1. Mini Reading: A three card “situation-action-outcome” spread. Really simple and to the point.

    Time: 10-20 Minutes

    Price: $5.00

  2. Check In: A five card spread where we talk about things that you are questioning in your life. Topics can range from love, finances, career, etc.

    Time: 1 hour - 1 hour 1/2

    Price: $15.15

  3. Solar Return/Birthday Reading: Let’s see what this new trip around the sun has in store for you!

    Time: 2 hours

    Price: $20.00

  4. What’s Ahead: A look into the next two wees for you, diving deep into whatever lessons present themselves.

    Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

    Price: $20.00

  5. Month Ahead: A six card spread of the month, a weekly break down of what you need to know.

    Time: 2 Hours

    Price: $33.33

  6. Six Month Ahead: A six card spread, focusing on each individual month.

    Time: 2 Hours

    Price: $40.00

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