December’s Love Letter 

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 photo criedit Tumblr

photo criedit Tumblr

Tarot card’s of the month is: the Eight of pentacles + The Devil (Reversed).

Hello friends! 

December’s bringing in a very powerful messages from the universe as 2018 winds itself down. This entire year has felt like one big retrograde and if you revisit this years planet placements we basically were. Retrograde simply means reflection which is the last theme of 2018 for us. Reflecting on past experiences that you’ve ascended through is key to recognizing what is next. You’re not as weak as you thought and for what it’s worth you’re doing better than you think you are.

You want your circumstances to change, well then you need to take a deeper look at what you’ve been allowing to influence your life. The company you keep and the actions you make will result in whatever pot you stirred. Be mindful that in order to be the boss, you need to be organized and efficient. It takes time and divine patience to live the life that you are called to do. If you’re not realizing where you need to pick up the slack then don’t complain when something you want doesn’t manifest.

Keep your eye on the ultimate prize and ask yourself how do you need to show up for your purpose? This month is all about self reflection and revision, do what you need to so that you can move forward with a deeper understanding. Growth comes in ways that you may not always expect, often it comes in forms of harsh realities. Take those “life checks” and turn them into a moment of empowerment. Who you get to be in this lifetime is up to you, makeup your mind about the legacy you’re creating.

The moves you make now will have an effect on the lives that come after you, be conscious of what you conjure. Create a vision board for 2019, give yourself a visual of what your goals look like.

xx Blessed be,

- Kirsten 


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  1. What’s ahead? - A look into the next two weeks for you, diving deep into different lessons that present themselves.

    Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

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    Time: 30 minutes

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    Time: Two Hours

    Price: $33.33

  5. 2019 Year Ahead: A 12 card, month by month spread diving deep into what each month of 2019 is bringing! Includes a detailed explanation email!

    Time: Two Hours

    Price: $50.00

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