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Meet the women who keep MagickGAL going! 


Kirsten Renee

Kirsten Renee is the Founding Muva of Magickgal and Tarot Reader. Born and raised in the metro-Atlanta area, Kirsten has always been intrigued by magick and witchcraft. Growing up she always felt like she was apart of something greater than herself and eventually found what that greater was. Magickgal is her baby, her piece of heaven on Earth and a space where she gets to make up the rules. Kirsten has been writing her entire life and is currently working on her debut YA romance novel “Late Night Snacks”. Kirsten also reads Tarot professionally which you can get more information by visiting her Instagram!

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Emery Williams 

Born and raised in Arlington, TX, and has lived there her entire life with the exception of four years in Wichita Falls, TX; two of those years were spent pursuing a Bachelor's in Music Education. Emery has been exposed to and immersed in the Arts from a young age, and participated in band for 11 years, and an alumni member of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity. She enjoys singing karaoke, and everything Broadway. When she has free time Emery loves to go to the movies, listen to love music, and read. Her favorite authors are Ellen Hopkins, J.K. Rowling, and Sarah Dessen. She's also an advocate of keeping Arts in schools, and is a supporter of both VH1's Save the Music Foundation and Adopt the Arts. 

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Valerie Nguyen 

Valerie is a twenty-something California girl. Although she earned her degree in public health, she works in accounting as a bookkeeper. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and obsessing over boy bands. Valerie has found a creative outlet through writing, blogging, and makeup. She hopes to empower readers to seek their own potential to the fullest, whatever it may be.

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Mandi Wiggins 

Mandi Wiggins is a 26 year old makeup addict and fashion lover. Currently located in Austin,TX where she spends her time drawing inspiration from the wonderful mix of people and places throughout the city. Mandi is also, MG's resident fashion guru + is the Creative Director for MagickGAL merch. 

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