August's Love Letter 

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 photo criedit Tumblr

photo criedit Tumblr

Chuck it in your fuck it bucket. 

Hello friends! 

Can you believe that we're already EIGHT months into 2018, how wild is that? This year seems to be moving at an accelerated pace, which if you keep up with astrology it makes sense! Today (8/7) Uranus stations retrograde and Uranus is the planet that's all about change! Seriously if you feel like life is heading towards rough waters, LET IT! Don't be afraid to dive head first into unknown territory, because change is necessary.  At the end of July I had a tornado dream and I've been having them since I was in high school.  Whenever goddess sends me a message with a tornado attached I know that means big things are coming. This particular dream I was caught in the middle of TWELVE different tornados, and they were all different sizes, and speeds.  I believe that the message of the dream is remaining calm in the middle of chaos. 

Remember who you are, and that YOU control the narrative of your life.  Life may be chaotic, finances may be shaky and relationships may switch up. Don't force yourself to feel anything less than authentic, because you would not be living in your truth. Do what you have to do for your own sanity, and you'll notice just how less stressful life becomes. We often put our feelings on the backburner in fear of rocking the boat, when in fact it's time for you to sink it.  Lighten the load on your ship, because you're being held back when you need to be soaring! 

It's okay to be whoever you need to be, and if someone tells you otherwise let them go. August is a month of serious physical and emotional change, it's the beginning of harvest season and it's time for you to collect your blessings! 

xx Blessed be,

- Kirsten 


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image via Magickgal