June's Love Letter 

Here you'll find store updates, a monthly letter from Kirsten, our event calendar and more!  

 photo criedit Tumblr

photo criedit Tumblr

Let the summer heal your soul. 

Hello friends!

The summer months are coming in strong, and May's Full Moon in Sagittarius' lasting energy of self dedication is still very strong. Who are you as a soul? What makes you happy? How do you show up for your purpose? How do you want to be loved by others? These are the questions that you should be working on over the next few weeks. Living a life of abundance means living a life where fear is not the leader, but the friend.  If you're ready to take that next step, don't overthink it... Do it. Do it for yourself, because you know that only YOU can make your life what it needs to be. We don't have to be so afraid of what we don't know. You've got to "risk it to get the biscuit." because if you KNOW in your soul that something is meant for you ... Then what are you waiting  for? We can often be our biggest road blockers, and the cause of our own problems. 

Truth be told, I struggle with that daily and for me it takes the form of motivation/organization. Self induced roadblocks can look/feel like anything! However if you want to be successful you can't stand in your own way. Trust in your power, trust that when you wake up each day you will show up for yourself. Waking up with a thought of being present in the physical realm is key. Your body, mind, life, etc need you to be intune. If you've got your head in the clouds, it's time to bring it back down to Earth, because although the future is great... The present is equally as important.

Turn your setbacks into jumpstarts, because it's time for you to really shake shit up. 

xx Love you,

- Kirsten 


June's affirmations

Say these affirmations when you wake up and before you go to bed. Write them on a mirror (use a dry erase marker) and look at them every time you view yourself. Affirmations aren't what you say in hopes that you fake these things into your life. Affirmations are the visions and manifestations that you KNOW are meant for you. You speak these words and understand their power. You create your affirmations and you are the one who can breathe life into them.  Happy manifesting, happy life. 

 image via Gaby Herstik @GabyHerstik 

image via Gaby Herstik @GabyHerstik