July's Love Letter 

Here you'll find store updates, a monthly letter from Kirsten, our event calendar and more!  

 photo criedit Tumblr

photo criedit Tumblr

It's the perfect time to S H I N E 

Hi friends! 

Visibility: "The state of being able to see or be seen. "

The theme of July is visibility, and for you that can look like a lot of different things. Whether you're figuring out your place in the collective life, or your own life.  Visibility is honestly the key to leading a successful life. If you want the universe to show up for you, you must present yourself to it. How can you ask for your prayers to be heard when you haven't even knocked on the front door? Showing up and DOING the work to get to where you need to go is what needs to be done.  July's bringing in that special boost of confidence that you've been needing. 

You don't have to hide behind your talents, or other people's agenda for YOUR life. Step outside of the fear that has been settling into your energetic field, and push yourself past it. Write down goals that you want to carry into the Fall and put them in a gratitude jar. Let the divine know that you are showing up for yourself by always being mindful of the things that you ask for. If you're wanting to manifest more money, start by buckling down on your monthly/weekly budget. Pick up a side hustle, or even cut back on what your spending money on. Maybe you're ready to be seen more when you step out into the world. Taking a nose dive deep into the world of fashion magick can get you there. Charging your clothes with crystals, creating talisman out of jewelry, and even charging/blessing your makeup with intentions can create an entire new outlook for you. 

There's so many ways to allow yourself to be seen, and as we make our way through Cancer season focus on the areas that need a little TLC. Leo season (7/22) will be here sooner than you know, and if you know Leo then you know it's either eat or be eaten. Don't let yourself be a snack, go out and be a whole fucking meal. 

Also, before I finish this love letter I want to say a few things. It's been TWO whole years this month since I started Magickgal, and I just want to say thank you for loving us. If you've been here since MG was On The Edge, before I even knew what this was (or could be), or if this is your first time visiting us.  Thank you, thank you for being apart of something that I've dreamt of my entire life. Being visible has/was hard for me, and so as I sit here and give you advice on how to project yourself... I'm learning how to as well. I'm so in awe of how far this site has come, and how far we have to go. 

Thank you to the divine, to God, The Universe, My spirit guides, and ancestors. Thank you to my friends, family, internet followers, and strangers. Thank you to Mandi, Emery, Val, and every other person who has shared their souls through this site. I see you, and I love you all! 

Happy July y'all! 

xx Blessed be,

- Kirsten 


July's affirmations

Say these affirmations when you wake up and before you go to bed. Write them on a mirror (use a dry erase marker) and look at them every time you view yourself. Affirmations aren't what you say in hopes that you fake these things into your life. Affirmations are the visions and manifestations that you KNOW are meant for you. You speak these words and understand their power. You create your affirmations and you are the one who can breathe life into them.  Happy manifesting, happy life. 

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