#Tarotscopes Week of 1/12-1/19

by Kirsten Renee

New week, new mood? No, just me then. . . That's okay! As we wind down towards the end of Capricorn season (12/22 - 1/19) and quickly approach the greatest sign of all time Aquarius! The energy in the air is very raw and unique and it's a wise idea to tap into it.  Four days until the New Moon in Capricorn, which is a good time to plan out this next month or so. Write down daily goals to help you reach your overall goal! Help yourself manifest what it is that you want out of 2018. What new heights are you wanting to reach?  How can you help yourself reach those heights, and what is blocking you from reaching those heights? It's also a good time to set good habits and break the ones that aren't healthy. Let's get healthy in mind, body and spirit! Sign up for a new zumba class or start walking at a local park with friends. Either way, get active! 

Let yourself hang back a bit, don't overdue it with the constant need to be right. This week try practicing taking a step back and letting yourself be the observer. Who knows, you might just find something that you've be missing out on. You might even remember a project that needs a little TLC from its creator too!  Be kind to yourself, to this planet and to the people in your life. Often times the stress of our daily lives takes a toll on our relationships. Don't let it, allow yourself to love freely and receive the love that your family & friends are giving you!  

Have a happy week, trust your gut & blessed be! 



Participation + The Hanged Man

Sweet Capricorn now is not the time to isolate yourself. 2018 needs to be the year you put yourself out into the world. This week you should focus on checking the foundations of the relationships you share with others. Once you put yourself out into the universe, the universe will guide all of your hard work into the physical world. You just have to let yourself be seen.


Compromise + Queen of Wands

IT’S ALMOST OUR TIME MY FELLOW AQUARIAN’S!!!! The message for Aquarius this week is very simple. Have courage in what it is that you want, let that momentum drive you to doing you! You don’t have to detour yourself unless you choose to. Hold yourself accountable! Buy yourself a planner or download Google Calendar. Plan out your days and keep a hold of yourself, you’ve got this.


Ripeness + The High Priestess

Time to cash in some checks Pisces, this week ahead for you is booked and hella busy. Which is a good thing, you deserve this boost. Not to mention your finances are going to be POPPIN! Just remember, take time to breathe because even a go getter like you can get overwhelmed.


The Source + Jack of Cups

You’ve been feeling some fantastic energy since the start of the new year. If you haven’t, now is a good time to see what blockages you have. January is bringing a special type of healing energy and it’d wise to connect to it. Aries, you are allowed to let yourself go on as many adventures as you want! As long as you remember to stay out of your own way, you’re going to go far.


Healing + 7 of Cups

This week isn’t one that you need to do what you normally do. You’ve been known to take on more than you need to, and that isn’t always a good idea! You are the superhero sign, but even Wonder Woman takes a nap. When you take on too much you end up taking it out on the people who love you. Let yourself breathe, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Tell people no, tell yourself no when you feel yourself doing a little too much.


Adventure + 6 of Swords

Pack your bags Gemini! Seems like this week you’ll be taking a trip somewhere exciting + life changing. If you’re not leaving to go on an adventure, start planning one! When’s the last time you took a real vacation Gemini? You know how to balance work and play, but maybe it’s time to add self retreats into it. Start planning that dream trip of yours! It may just come sooner than you think!


Conditioning + 8 of Wands

You’ve always been the one to protect those that you love. Now is the time to do just that. Be that lion in sheeps clothing, and calculate your moves. This week is going to be testing for you, and you can pass it simply because you are you. Protect yourself, protect those you love and protect the life that you built for yourself.


The Miser + 9 of Swords

Alright Leo, you’ve got some baggage that it’s time to get rid of. Whether it be emotional or physical it’s time to do a deep clean. This week I suggest you make time for whatever it is that keeps you up at night. You’ve got to make some decisions about the truth that you know is right versus the one that you tell people. The day to live your authentic life has arrived, don’t deny your spirit.


Projections + 5 of Cups

Virgo be careful of what it is that you put out into this world. You know better than anyone what you’re capable of manifesting for yourself. This week focus on learning from your past mistakes, forgive yourself. Simply because you deserve forgiveness, but you have to be the one to say it. Move forward and don’t let whatever previous versions of yourself hold you back. Don’t sit in stagnant energy, because you know it’s no good for you.


celebration + The Chariot

It’s time to celebrate yourself Libra! You’ve been doing a good job at sticking to your plans that you’ve made for yourself. You’ve been doing well at whatever goals you’ve set out to do. Just remember that if you fall off the wagon, you don’t have to stay off of it. It’s time you break the habit of giving up on yourself. Be the warrior and cross that finish line in victory.


Receptivity + Ace of Wands

This week is all about trusting yourself and what you know to be true. Allow your intuition to be the source of your decision making this week Scorpio. Use it to make the right decisions for yourself. Remember slow and steady wins the race, don’t rush your process.


Exhaustion + The Lovers

It’s time to focus on what relationships aren’t serving your spirit any justice. Who you associate with is a reflection of yourself. This also includes your part in relationships as well. Are you being the best partner/friend? Time to do a little soul searching because sometimes all a relationship needs is a check up.