#Tarotscopes week of 1/4-1/10

Tarotscopes week of 1/4 - 1/10

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Hello friends! 

Doesn't 2018 feel super powerful already, or is it just me? This week we dive right on into what it is that we need to get the ball rolling this year. New year, new opportunities to make shit happen.   The cards are CHATTING today girl, and they’re truly not holding back.  Listen to your intuition, simply because it is your truth. 2018 is the year of the truth and the year for physical manifestations to arise. What, or how do you plan on working with this energy is solely up to you.  My advice, use it to your advantage and shine bright like a motherfuckig diamond. 

(Decks used: The Illuminated Tarot + The Osho Zen Tarot)  




The Outsider + 6 of Swords

Hellooooo Capricorn, the sun is shining bright in your sign until 1/20/18! Seems like all your hard work is finally paying off. Keep building what it is that you want out of life. You see everything from a business perspective, and that’s how you’re kicking off the new year. Go off onto that adventure that you’ve been planning for years. It’s time for you to keep that hustler mentality strong, because you’re about to be the definition of booked + busy.


Suppression + 6 of Pentacles

It’s almost our time my fellow Aquarian aliens! When is the last time you went out in public? Aquarian’s are infamous for only coming out of the hole only when they want to. Except my sweet friends, that is exactly what’s been holding you back. It’s time to come out of hiding! You’re the superstar sign, so be a superstar . What’s your image this year and how do you plan on using it to help you get ahead in life? Think about how you want to be seen in the public eye and let yourself be just that. Get out of your head (and your bubble) + make yourself known to this world. Besides, aren’t you supposed to be the one who changes it?


Rebirth + The Star

Pisces it’s seriously time to get off your ass and let things go. The resolutions that you have set for yourself are the blueprint that you’ve been needing to reboost your life. If 2017 was tough for you, then 2018 is going to be the jumpstart you’ve been needing! Pisces trust your intuition, because you’ve got a special talent for seeing beyond the illusions that life sometimes shows.


stress + Jack of Pentacles

Listen up Aries, and listen well. This week start managing your stress better. The world doesn’t have to be so stressful, nor does it have to be your responsibility! Time management + mental health management is something you should buckle down on this week. How do you plan on showing up for yourself this year? Make your list and check it as many times as you need to!


Existence + 2 of Wands

Alright Taurus I’m gonna kick it to you like this. What is your purpose in this world? Where is your specific place and how do you navigate it? This week think about what it is that you REALLY want to do, and go for it. It’s time to sit down and figure out your next steps. If you already know your next steps, keep that momentum going. Stop second guessing yourself Taurus, you can do this. You can handle whatever life throws your way. Just remember that the only person worth pleasing is yourself.


Compromise + 9 of Swords

Gemini you forever get a bad rep, simply because you’re misunderstood. There’s no need to be fake about who you are to please someone else. Whatever it is that you’re not facing is coming at you full force now. Even though you’ve been known to have multiple personalities, you don’t have to compromise any of them to be accepted in this world. Let yourself be yourself and everything will make sense.


Experiencing + 8 of Swords

You put too much pressure on yourself Cancer. You hold households, families and communities together with exceptional strength. Your personal judgment is telling you that something or someone in your life needs to be evaluated. It’s time to figure out who’s really in your corner and who isn’t.


Past lives + 10 of Swords

The spirit world is telling you to remember your roots right now Leo. Where you come from can be a tool to finding out where it is that you need to go. A huge shift has either come your way, or it is well on its way. Even though you just spent lots of time with family over the holidays. Don’t lose that connection just yet. Call up your grandparents, or seek advisement from your favorite auntie. Sometimes our families actually know what to say to help the path get a litter clearer.


Totality + Ace of Swords

in a world full of chaos it’s often hard to find peace. Finding a peace of mind will do you some good Virgo. If the world you’ve created has started crumbling, let it. Make space for new adventures and relationships Virgo. You’ve got to stop being afraid of your life cycles. Because once you let go of that fear you’ll see what it is that you’ve been searching for.


Success + The Hermit

Libra! You’re all about putting yourself and your needs first. Which is great because you are on the fast track to success coming your way. Libra self care for you is usually buying yourself something shiny. This week try a bit of emotional self care, sit with yourself and get down to the bottom of those questions that you’ve been wondering about. Self care is more than just bath bombs + Thai food sweet Libra. Self care is taking care of you emotionally, physically, and spiritually! Treat yo’self!


Sharing + The Moon

As the ruler of death, you tend to see life in a very literal way Scorpio. Someone in your life needs your help + and you can be useful right now. With you being unafraid to tell the truth and seek it. Your voice is needed right now, and in a really big way. Go out and speak your truth to the world Scorpio. Because someone, somewhere is listening.


Projections + The Hierophant

Things aren’t always what they seem, and as the sweetest sign (IMO) you can sometimes be duped by those around you. You can even be duped by your own thoughts sometimes. The truth is Sagittarius, you’ve got a door that’s ready to be opened. Only YOU can decided if you’re ready for that. Although it is nice to seek comfort and affirmations from those you love. The ultimate decider is you, and that means you’ve got to use your better judgments. Whether this means taking a new class, switching jobs, or just finding a new boo. You’re ready to take that leap... Jump little frog & see where it is that you land.


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