Letting Go and Moving on || October '18 Tarotscopes

by Kirsten Renee

The world is slowing down, we feel the effects that Fall brings in strong. When the leaves fall so do our walls, our need to not be true to ourselves disappears. October is the month where the line that separates light and dark disappears into the abyss. I’ve been thinking a lot about Death and the 4 of Wands, how transcending is what life is. We move ourselves through time and space, creating lives for ourselves. Recognizing that whether our lives be good or unfortunate is up to us. Leaving things behind isn’t a bad, you’re supposed to move through life shifting and moving through different phases.

The pathway that YOU choose is entirely based upon the decisions that YOU make for yourself. If shit hasn’t been working out for you it’s time to switch up things. Sturdy foundations start with knowing what we want and taking the time to make it happen. Living within your purpose can go a long way. The thing to remember is that you will stumble, you’ll backtrack, you will face obstacles and sometimes shit sucks. If what you want is worth anything to you, you’ll realize that all of those moments help you learn what to do in the next step. Every day, every moment is different and wonderful in its own way. How magickal is that? To know that each day when you wake up, something will be different.

When people think of October, they think of one thing in particular; death. It may be used as a fear tactic for Halloween decorations. However death itself is a lot broader than what most slasher films have you believing. The ideal that death is this scary and unfortunate thing isn’t true at all. Death is just another transition that is inevitable, like life it just happens. We experience deaths more frequent than we believe, it surrounds us like the light drizzle on a rainy day. We watch the leaves fall every season, we drive by the roadkill on dark roads, we throw things away… Everything has cycles and all cycles come to an end. That also goes for the phases of your life, eventually you leave behind childish ideas and turn them into something new. Sometimes people get so afraid of what’s next that they prolong the ending of something.

It’s okay to let go and move forward, it is okay to be afraid and to not be. You get to make that choice, but make sure that the choice you make isn’t out of fear. When you make choices out of fear, you’re not honoring what it is that you really need. Be sure and truthful about why you move the way that you do.


5 of Swords + The Tower

Happy birthday Libra! The sun has settled nicely into your sign and we all get to celebrate you! This month you feel on fire, which for a floaty air sign like yourself can feel overwhelming. Now isn’t the time to shy away from being seen Libra, you like to be around people so don’t deny yourself that freedom. Enjoy this month and remember why you work so hard to have the things that you do. You have the need to always search for balance, when in fact if you would just learn how to exist within yourself you would find just that. It’s perfectly okay to play around and gamble small things, but when you find yourself losing control and stuffing yourself with useless things. It may be time to sit back and ask yourself why you feel the need to hoard so much stuff that you don’t need.

Whether you’re an emotional hoarder, a physical one or somewhere in between now is the perfect time to stop holding onto so much and do some much needed fall cleaning. If you’re REALLY ready to go to that next step in your life, you’ve got to acknowledge whatever you already have going on. Life can be fun, but you have to accept what comes when you’re having a little too much fun.


The Lovers (Reversed) + Ace of Swords

Tis the season for Scorpios to unleash themselves onto us all. Venus Retrograde is happening right now in the sultry sign of Scorpio and The Sun will shift its way into Scorpio on October 23rd. If you find yourself willingly taking to someone, let it happen boo. You deserve to have a whirlwind romance with someone that actually gets you, especially if that someone is you! Dive deep into the world of feelings and allow yours to be heard and felt. Now I don’t mean go blowing up at everyone around you. Take this time to explore your boundaries and what it is that you can and can’t take.

Scorpio’s have been known to be kinky little things and maybe that’s something that you should really dive deep into. What do your inhibitions look like? Have you been letting your mind drift off to darker, more closed spaces? Do yourself a favor and test out the waters, forge ahead with an honest and open curiosity. Who knows you may find yourself locked into something new that opens you up like never before. As always, be cautious though because everything that is alluring isn’t always real.


Ace of Swords + 10 of Pentacles (Reversed)

It’s time to get your life in order Sag and I say that in the nicest way possible. You’re often the caretaker of everyone around you, but now it’s time to take care of yourself. Don’t stretch yourself so thin that you can’t somehow come back from it all. Don’t fret though, this intense wave of uncertainty will pass if you let it flow naturally. Do not force your feelings to be anything other than what they are, but be mindful of who you unload those feelings on. It can be easy to get wrapped up in your own world Sagittarius and you’ve been known to do that. Just be mindful that everyone around you is going through moments of their own and that’s okay too.

It’s hard to not be self centered right now and you can be that if that’s what you wish to do. The thing with you sometimes is that it can be hard to express yourself to anyone other than your own ears. There are people who care for you and if you let them take care of you, what you’re going through won’t be so challenging. Be smart about how you express yourself these days, going to the extreme will likely cause more damage than it should.


Jack of Cups + 5 of Swords

You never take chances on anything that you’re unsure about Cap and that’s smart sometimes. At some point you’ve got to learn that certain risks can turn into the most mind blowing adventures. You may like to be rooted, but even plants get repotted when they’ve outgrown their space. You’ve outgrown your surrounding and it’s time to face that fact head on. You’re so used to being the provider for everyone, whether that be emotionally, financially or in any other way. Your time to move forward is now don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the same rotation. Like a card game, you have to think smart about what you want and you do. However you tend to forget that when someone else throws out their hand. Your main focus should be on yourself and how you need to make moves specifically for YOUR journey.

Break free of whatever restrictions that have been placed on you. If you feel yourself getting ready to spill over from being overworked, speak up before you blow up. There’s nothing people hate more than someone not being honest about being pushed past their limits. It’s like in BDSM relationships, you’ve got to say your safeword when shit is getting to be too much. Don’t ever be afraid to be firm about saying no and not letting anyone persuade you into changing your mind. You’ve got to set hard limits sometimes, so that you’re able to focus on yourself instead of everyone else around you.


5 of Cups (Reversed) + The Empress

As long as you have been alive, it’s been easy for you to recall previous versions of yourself. It’s not on purpose, you’re just often nostalgic about moments in your life that you deem monumental. Reminiscing isn’t bad, you often recognize certain life patterns when you do. However, when you’re allowing those old versions of yourself to dictate who you are now is when problems come in. You’re not who you once were, it’s absolutely okay to move on and heal. If you would just give yourself a chance you might notice how easy it is for you to maneuver through life. At some point you’ve got to make the choice to say “I’m different and I heal all open wounds with light and love”.

Be gentle with yourself, you deserve the openness of being vulnerable and the softness of unconditional love. The simple fact that you are you means that you can be whatever you choose to. It’s time to focus on nurturing your soul and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with the world around you. You tend to be the one person who no one can ever figure out and as fun as being mysterious can be, there comes a point when deeper connections need to be made. How can anyone get to know your truest self if you’re constantly avoiding letting others be near you. Obviously not everyone needs to know your deepest feelings, but there are some people who are willing to do it. It takes a brave person to willingly dive deep into someone else’s heart and love them through it all. You’re walking into something that you deserve, Aquarius. Don’t fuck it up, by not letting yourself heal and grow.


The World + 3 of Wands

Sweet Pisces, your problem is that you keep looking at the world you live in through rose colored glasses. Why in the world would the universe be tempted to aide you when you constantly speak of it as if it won’t. When you sound ungrateful for the life you have, you tend to struggle getting to the next step. Pisces, you may be a fish but even sometimes it’s nice to peak out above the water and feel the sun. The world you’ve created for yourself can always be changed, you just have to will it and work for it. You’re not as lost as you may seem to think, maybe it’s time for you to look at your life from a new point of view.

You’re destined to be successful, it’s literally who you are to find the flow of life. However, if you’re constantly doubting your abilities, you’re not going to get anywhere. If you don’t believe you can do something why should anyone else? You’re more than capable of making something out of nothing, and right now is the PERFECT time to do just that. Plan out what it is that you need Pisces, it’s time to get organized about moving forward. You may be water sign, but you often forget that every current has a purpose. Even when you think you’re going nowhere there’s always a plan bigger than yourself that says otherwise. Trust in the unknown and you’ll easily find the answers that you seek.


The Star + Queen of Swords

Whatever choices you make right now Aries are going to have long lasting consequences. You’re the only person who knows just exactly how you are and how you want to be perceived. Be thoughtful about what comes out of your mouth this month, you could shake some real shit down if you allow your anger and resentment to build up. If you’re feeling some type of way, approach it with vulnerability instead of defensiveness. You’d do well with listening before reacting and allowing yourself to really be heard instead of felt.

You may the first sign of the zodiac, but you’re not the shining star. Yes you’re talented and yes you are probably a genius when it comes to creating. However, it’s time for you to realize that though you shine bright you aren’t allowed to dim others because of how bright you are. When it comes to communicating there’s no need to one -up anyone, especially your loved ones. The sky would be lackluster with just one lone star, remember that the next time you find yourself not wanting to be a team player.


The Hermit + 3 of Pentacles

It’s not uncommon for your loved ones to be concerned about your well being and you know that. Right now you’re experiencing the growing pains of life and you don’t need to deal with it by yourself. You’ve got nothing but love that surrounds you Taurus, utilize that extra heart power and push through to new heights. The Hermit may be a card of self realization, but it can also be a warning to not get so into your doubts that you lose sight. You’re used to routine, so when things don’t go as planned you can become agitated or even depressed. Learn to let loose and be as bold as you can Taurus, because once you relax a little… Magick can be made.

The holidays are rolling in and now is the perfect time for you to remember what’s important, family and friends! The next few months are full of fellowship and a desire to be closer to home than normal. Tend to your manternal needs and make your space cozy and inviting. The company you keep around you should reflect the love that you have for yourself. If someone or something makes you feel less than what you are, it’s time to move forward without them. You may be the popular friend, but it is not your responsibility to please everyone when they demand it.


10 of Wands + 6 of Pentacles

The moment you decided that you no longer would accept the bullshit that people brought your way was the exact moment when life changed for you. Your problem is letting things go and being okay with your decision. You may have moved on physically, but emotionally you’re still stuck on hurst from ghosts past. At some point you’re going to have to make the choice to break up with the ghosts that people have left you with. You’re absolutely able to be vulnerable Gemini and for once you can’t turn away from that. You’re used to moving on fast , but maybe it’s time for you to come to terms with what happens when you don’t process.

If you grew up in the south or with a mama who likes to decorate, then you know what it’s like to change your table settings with the seasons. Your table is covered in clutter and mail that you forgot about, it’s time to get your life in order! Clear off the discarded clothing, papers, boxes, etc you’ve got so much baggage that needs to be dealt with. In order for you to make space for gathering you need to tend to the mess you’ve left behind. Life doesn’t always need to be rushed or barreled through like a mad person. It’s fine to take your time, you should really take your time now more than ever.


3 of Wands (Reversed) + 7 of Wands

The struggle in your life right now is that you won’t make a choice Cancer. You’re looking every other way except for the path that you KNOW is right. You’ve been given test after test and you’ve overcome a lot of things in your lifetime. Your problem however, is the fact that you refuse to deal with anything that actually matters. You’re quick to jump into other people’s lives, instead of focusing on the fact that yours needs to be tended to. You are more than capable of being strong and voicing your opinion, but at what point are you going to do that? How many times do you have to be kicked down in order to fight back?

There’s no need to struggle like a fish out of water, if you're feeling out of place then get back to where you need to be. Some fights aren’t worth a reaction and some issues aren’t actually bad, just a lesson. You’re more than capable of taking care of what needs to be done, you’re organized like that and that skill will take you far. Cancer, you’ve got something going on now that is either going to break you in half or lift you to new heights. What choice are you going to make for yourself, especially when your life depends on it.


The Wheel of Fortune + Jack of Pentacles

Sometimes you do things without thinking, you can become hyper focused on situations (i.e. relationships, job opportunities, home life) and it’s time to get back to reality. You can’t manipulate life to be what you want it to be and that’s hard for a charmer like you Leo. You may have been able to use your charm and wit to get ahead , but at some point you’ve got to face the facts. Your good moments come from your hard work, not how well you can warp a situation to your liking. Your ego has been known to lead you Leo and as fun as a egotistical trip can be, it isn’t honest.

When you find yourself wanting to people to conform to your standards you’re purposely ignoring who and what that person actually is. Now is the time for you to drop the checklist and start facing the truth in a way that you never have before. It’s time you move forward without expecting things to he what you want them to be, let life happen organically and you might be less disappointed. It’s up to you too see things for what they are, how can you expect people to be real with you if you won’t let them?


The World + Queen of Swords

You’re the best person to create something invigorating and practical, however you also tend to put yourself in box. There’s no need to hide those ideas of yours, now is not the time to be afraid, but to embrace your brilliance. Contrary to popular belief your knack for self sabotage stems from trying and not getting any results. Don’t stop trying Virgo, the universe hears hears you it just wants to see you do some actual work. Just because you talk about it doesn’t mean that you’re putting in hard work behind it.

You’re used to people doing things for you, well now it’s time for you to shit for yourself. The only person that can hold yourself accountable is you and you know that. Stop treating yourself like a burden and maybe you’ll see just how not out of the race you actually are. Your support will rally behind you if you give them something to support, stop pushing people away just because you can’t grasp your greatness. It’s time for you to move forward and recognize your potential. Growth comes when you recognize that you’re often your own worst enemy.

Blessed be! 


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