What Needs To Be Said || December 18' Tarotscopes

by Kirsten Renee

It’s amazing how fast 2018 has gone by and how much we all have shifted into new people. It’s like we (as a collective) have all had to force our shadows out of its hiding place in order to figure out what we kept missing. It’s been quite the year, but there’s still another three weeks left and those three weeks are pivotal to our survival in 2019! How great is that? Our hard work and healing doesn’t heal now, in fact it continues to grow and shift itself into abundance over the next couple of months. Reflect on what you have gone through this year and how that has led you to this next level of life. You’re not alone in this fight for success pal and you know that, look around everyone around is doing whatever they need to in order to be what they were sent here to be.

In this year alone so much change has happened and it’s not going to stop any time soon! The cosmic energy that we’re experiencing is the exact type of juju we need to get the ball rolling. That feeling of “coming into your own” is vibrating beneath us and you better catch up with it before it’s too late. Keep your mind sharp and your eyes on the creations that will get you far into your chosen path. Focus your energy on doing things that uplift and motivate you to become a person that you can count on. This year we talked a lot about being our own parents and taking responsibility for our actions. How have you done that? What did you need to heal this year in order to release old wounds? How has healing that trauma helped you in the present? These are the questions that can help you make sense of all that has happened over the last 12 months!

Keep in mind that healing never ends and neither does growing up. It’s okay to be older, wiser and more efficient in how you play this game called life. It’s also okay to get help and guidance from others whenever you need it. Be honest about your healing and what you need in order to process it all!


Four of Pentacles (Reversed) + Ace of Swords (Reversed)

It’s time to get serious about your shit Sagittarius and I mean that in the most loving way possible. You’re so used to having others take care of your needs that you’ve forgotten how to do it yourself. Listen, it’s absolutely fine to be adored and fawned over but don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re responsible for your own actions. It’s easy to place the blame on others when things go wrong, but at what point are you going to recognize your own hand in the pot. Sure, you may not have been the ultimate master of deception, but staying silent makes you a player in the game.

Take this advice going into the new year, if you want something different do something different. Be wise and allow yourself to be present in the life that you’ve created for yourself. Forge ahead with a sense of determination not recklessness. It’s all fun and games until you realize that putting all of your energy into other people is nothing but a form of neglect of your own needs. You can’t get mad at the world for doing you dirty, The Universe gets all of its cues on how to act from you. Be mindful of that as you move forward into 2019.


Queen of Wands + Six of Pentacles

You’ve been so wrapped up in your own mess this year Cappie and it’s time to give yourself (and your heart!) a break. This year has been emotionally straining and even though you’ve made it through there seems to be something missing. Being the independent sign that you are, you’re used to not relying on anyone to help you. However, don’t forget that you’ve got friends and family who worry about your well being all the time. Reach out to those you trust and love, because you’re going to need them in the new year.

2018 may have been rough and you could have easily given up on all of the things that you want for yourself. Because you are who you are, quitting has never been an option for you, but you don’t have to struggle alone. There’s a community behind you wanting you to succeed and will be there guiding you as you do. Don’t be too prideful to admit when you need a helping hand, it’s time to turn to the community that you’re apart of.


Temperance (Reversed) + The Sun

Oh Aquarius, it’s not your fault that this year has been one big ass clusterfuck. You’re in the beginning stages of a life changing transformation and now isn’t the time to get lost in the semantics of it all. This year has highlighted areas of your life that have needed a little TLC. Where you lack balance and stability, The Universe has decided to lend you a helping hand and shine a light on what you’re still not seeing. There’s no reason for you to keep ignoring what you need, acting as if nothing is wrong is exactly why you are where you are. Being honest with yourself about your current journey isn’t a bad thing, even if that means owning up to things you might not like about yourself.

If it’s self confidence that you’re lacking don’t worry sweets, once you make note of the things that you’ve seemed to have forgotten. Your area of self acceptance and understanding will sky rocket into a more positive direction as long as you remain faithful in journey to self care. Find balance in all areas of your life so that in 2019 you can focus on building a solid foundation based on truth. Your task for 2019 is to keep that same energy all year long, don’t lose sight of what you want or how to make it happen for yourself. Aquarius, you’re going to be okay just breathe your way into the new year.


The Emperor + Jack of Swords

It’s time to get serious about what you want out of this life Pisces and you know it. Stop waiting for some sign from The Universe to tell you what you need. You’re an adult and in order for you to move into a new transition, you first need to figure out what it is that you want to do. When it comes to taking charge, it’s hard for you to do that simply because you have a tendency to fear unknown territories. It’s not well to wait for some miracle to happen, get your ass up and let the unknown know what it is that you need. It’s time for you to take charge of your destiny little fish. Yes, it can be hard and it will probably throw you way out of your comfort zone, but it’s something that you must do. Especially if you want the tides to change in 2019 and every year afterwards.

In the spirit of the holidays, “make a list and check it twice” because you need to have an actual plan for your life that doesn’t include self doubt and sabotage. Be mindful of what you think about yourself and your wants, you are deserving Pisces even if you don’t think you are. It’s discouraging to those around you who see all of your potential as you seem to forget that it’s there. You constantly seek change, but refuse to do what it takes to be different. You’re loved, but get your head out of the sand my dear because your time for self loathing is over. It’s time to pick up the pieces of your shadow and stop allowing whatever demons you think you still carry to move on.


Queen of Pentacles + Three of Wands

Hey Aries, it’s time to talk about your spending habits and why you need to focus more on stacking than spending. You’ve got big goals and to get what you need you need to save your coin! You’re used to not worrying about funds or being able to shower your loved ones with lavish gifts. If it’s money on your mind, it’s time to use that brain of yours for good. You sit on an mountain of talent and you know it. You’re a genius who has multiple talents in different subject areas, use that to your advantage love. It’s time to pick up a side hustle to fund your extravagant lifestyle. You like the finer things in life and see no reason why you can’t ball on budget. That’s all fine and dandy Aries, but if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself in more debt than your flashy ass can handle.

Be smart about your money in 2019 and where you spend it. You’re never one to handle being broke, but you’re headed that way if you don’t get it together. “Work a little so that you can ball a lot” that should be the motto you keep for the remainder of this year and well into 2019. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit frugal and if that means cutting back on certain things than do so. Find new ways to not only save money, but to make some extra funds! Sell some clothes, books or artwork to make a little extra spending money. It’s time to get hella serious about your financial situation because if you don’t do it now, The Universe will definitely find a way to humble you.


King of Cups + Judgement

Be gentle with your experiences so far Taurus, you’re used to things going your way but now not so much. It’s scary when the plan you’ve made for yourself doesn’t work out, but you must remember that most times that’s a good thing. You can’t plan out every little thing that will happen in your day to day life. Yes, you crave and thrive off of structure but at what point do you get tired of disappointment? Stop planning for failure/success to happen and just let yourself live in the unknown for a bit. What you need is a hard dose of reality earth sign and deep down you know that. You’re the only person who can change how you view this world you live in.

Find peace within knowing that you’ve got family and friends who love you. However, there’s only so much other people can say to you about being positive and not letting your head get you down. You’re in control of your narrative Taurus and you’re not as down in the dumps as you keep telling yourself. Once you learn that your thoughts have a direct link to what you manifest for yourself it’ll be easier to see the bigger picture. Being self deprecating can get old and it eventually you will become exactly what you say about yourself. If all you focus on are the negatives don’t expect any good to come to you. The universe gives exactly what you ask for, so be very careful when you speak.


Ace of Swords (Reversed) + Queen of Pentacles

At what point are you going to stop playing yourself, you’re a natural born leader but you tend to let others make decisions for you. Listen Gemini, it’s time you be aware of the fact that nobody knows what you need better than you and at some point you need to step up to the plate. You love to talk about your sense of independence and freedom, but when’s the last time you actually practiced what you preach? Don’t be scared to go your own way Gem’s, the farther you get into doing your own thing the better off you’ll be. It’s not like you don’t know what you want, you’re just not used to being by yourself to get there. You’ve done well to stand up for yourself this year and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by those who care for your.

There’s no need to fear your power, but be mindful that you can easily let it go to your head if you’re not careful. You know just how easy it is for you to persuade others into doing what you want them to do. People flock to you but it’s up to you to be truthful about your intentions. Don’t let the power of persuasion go to your head sweets, because you’ll be asking for trouble the second that it does. Remember the influence that you have can be good or bad, so be smart when you lead the masses into battle.


Six of Swords + Seven of Wands

You’ve worked your entire ass off this year and it’s finally paying off. Rejoice in the fact that your efforts are not lost and your prayers haven’t gone unanswered Cancer. 2018 has been a hard journey on you for sure, but if you think about it you needed this downtime. Your future selves growth depends on how you’ve handled this years challenging waters. No matter what has happened over the last 12 months, nothing can compare to the satisfaction of leveling up and experiencing divine transformation. Through all of the drama and hardships you somehow managed to not only come out on top, but not even sweat a little bit. That’s called growth and you’re the prime example of what it can look like.

Now, let’s not get cocky or anything Cancer just because you’re doing well doesn’t mean that life is suddenly rainbows and unicorn farts for you. You’re still going to face quite a lot of battles in this life of yours, but now you know just how equipped you are to handle whatever is thrown your way. Don’t ever forget that with ascension comes even more trials and tribulations that often set you up for future success. Don’t forget that you’re able to push through this life of yours, simply because the community that you’ve cultivated for yourself won’t allow you fall.


The Sun + The High Priestess

2018 has been the best year for you Leo, you’ve really gotten the recognition that you often crave. You were born to be in the spotlight and this year was just the beginning for an exciting chapter in your life. Whether you actively searched for places that will throw you into the big leagues or you happened upon it by chance. Do yourself a favor and take in this moment because you deserve it, the work you do is super important. You’re being recognized for all of the great things that you’ve created and for that you should pat yourself on the back.

Don’t get to cocky though little lion, there’s still more work to be done. Just because you’ve got a little clout that doesn’t mean you can slip up on your work. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the prize and plan accordingly because the plan that you make now will set you up for 2019. Next years level of success isn’t going to come without a lot of hard work and patience, yes you got a taste of that this year. Don’t think it’s always going to be like this though, you’re being prepped to become the starlit that you’ve always dreamt of being. However, it is well to remember that with fame comes a lot of sacrifice and hard ass work . . . Don’t throw your chance away of being what you always wanted to be, now is not the time to be shy!


The Tower + Queen of Pentacles

It’s about time you got your shit together Virgo and 2018 didn’t really give you a choice as to what you were going to do. Who’s to say that a little divine intervention didn’t save your life this year. You’re so used to only listening to what you think is best and this year showed you just how wrong you were. You’ve always felt like you’ve had everything under control and maybe at some point you did. This isn’t one of those times Virgo and the only lesson you need to know is that if you resist change you’ll always be miserable . You can’t stay the same forever and deep down you know that. You know that in order to move forward you must be able to heal what needs attention within.

It’s time you found comfort within yourself, because you’re the only one who feels as if the world is against them. Take better care of your emotions and mental state by acknowledging them when they first arrive, you don’t always have to be so damn tough (or moody!). There’s always plenty of jokes about you being the old spinster of the group, but it seems like there may be some truth behind that little detail. It’s no one’s job to pull the truth out of you, it’s time you start offering up information willingly. Your mood swings and knack for not wanting any to get to close is going to lead you down a lonely road if you’re not careful. Be gentle with yourself Virgo, you’re more loveable than what you think are.


Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) + The Chariot (Reversed)

It’s about time you’ve caught up with the rest of the world Libra, you like to live in a land of fantasy and this year snapped you right out of that. This year might not have been the greatest for you and that’s exactly what you’ve needed! That sounds harsh right? Well trust me, when you recognize that your truth lies beneath all of the antics that you like to indulge in you’ll come out of this funk. You’re constantly battling between what you know is fact and what you wish would would happen in your life. Libra, you’re so good at taking care of those around you, now it’s time to put that energy back into yourself. All year long you’ve felt that nagging truth settling somewhere deep within you and now you can’t deny its existence.

Those battling forces that you've found yourself in between are really just your conscious and subconscious asking you to make a choice. When you look in the mirror and see yourself are you seeing your truth or the version of yourself that you created in order to protect yourself? See Libra, when you really think about it you do everything that you do in order to not face the truth about your own life. Now isn’t the time to play pretend or act as if nothing is bothering you, it’s about time you start letting the world see your truth. Those around you can only take so much of your need to force your insecurities onto them and you know it. Stop waiting for someone else to do your soul work, you’re an adult now and it’s up to you to make those necessary changes in yourself.


The Fool + Five of Swords (Reversed)

Do yourself a favor and let go of those petty grudges you tend to hold onto Scorpio. You’re better than that and you’re above the situations that have caused you heartache over the year. Being petty is only fun for so long and once you realize that you’re doing nothing but allowing that hurt and anger to simmer longer than necessary you can move on. Throw yourself into moving forward with a new pep in your step because you deserve to move forward without any ties to drama. Whether or not things have been resolved your job is to find comfort in knowing that you did all that you could in the situation. Not everyone deserves your love, but forgiveness comes only when you’re truly ready to let go of anger, Whether or not you’re ready to forgive those who have wronged you, is entirely up to you.

If all you feel is resentment for someone all you need to do is walk away and not look back. You’re no longer in the position to keep up the drama anymore, simply because your not with the shits anymore. It’s simple really, your reactions to other peoples actions isn’t going to change the outcome of what happened. It can and will however, determine what karmic patterns find themselves in your life. Is that what you want Scorpio? Do you want to continuously be thrown into petty situations with people who you claim not to care about? Check your ego when it comes to moving on from relationships, it’s easy to point fingers and throw tantrums when you’re upset. Be above the drama, above the noise and watch just how fast you’ll move on from what bothers you.

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