A Conversation W/ Tarot: Blooming Full Moon in Virgo Energy.

by Kirsten Renee

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gif via tumblr


2018 is kicking off to be a wild ride and I'm all the way here for it! We started January with a brand new trip around the sun and TWO full moons, and a lunar eclipse. We got a bit of a chill break in February where the moon wasn't full. However March is bringing in that electric touch that we've been waiting for. March is leading us to the nurting and gentle side of living.  As the Earth awakens from her nap. we recieve fresh and vibrant energy. Building a relationship with Mother Nature is so important, she nurtures our entire being, and we can find the answers through her actions. 

Question: Where am I unstable in my life? 

Card: The Tower (Reversed)

To get to know Mother Nature start by sitting outside in the grass, let the air and the earth beneath you soak into you. Hold a Selenite wand against your heart, and focus your breathing. By doing this you're allowing yourself to set the space for your conversation with Mother Nature.  It can be confusing once you open that door, and if you summon Mother Earth you should definitely come ready for extreme truth and guidance. If you're feeling nervous talk about the reasons why you feel that way. Something in you is afraid to talk about the truth. If you're feeling ready for the next step in your rebirth, or you're experiencing your rebirth remember to remain patient! Progress is patient, because you must learn to enjoy and grow with the experience. Growth comes in many ways, and when you truly sit with your personal life experience you notice each blessing and lesson individually. 

What's blocking me from myself? 

Card: Queen of Pentacles

If you're worrying about all the things that you don't have you'll never have them sweets. You get what you give, and if you're constantly focusing on what you lack, you can't learn what to do with what you already have!  Finding your balance within yourself is a MUST, because you need to know how your shadow and light coexist with one another. To live a "holy" life, one must be whole with life. Find your balance, and you'll unlock the door to your source. Connecting to source energy is the way to get what you desire in this lifetime. Grow through spirit , check how you're definfing the mirror effect for yourself. Because you know what they say, "you're your own worst enemy". You're also your own best spades partner, no one knows your instinct like you do.  

Am I living a healthy life?

Card: 3 of Cups

Health is WEALTH friends, and if your body is talking to you it's time to LISTEN. When it comes to personal health whether that be physical, mental, sexual, etc we've got to make sure we are healed and okay. Be mindful of the food that you put into your body, if you know your blood type try eating foods that are good for your blood type! Drink WATER, I can't stress this enough to make sure you gulp down water throughout the day! Go for walks, or sign up for a fun class to take! Spring time is a time for physical harvest, let yourself enjoy this time. Spring brings rebirth and as products of the universe we are blessed with being directly connected to this energy. Shake off your cobwebs and get it shaking, because the creative energy you're sitting on is waiting to be turned into a massive manifestation. Heal your body, mind, and spirit during this full moon. Be patient with your self and your energy. 

What message does The Full Moon in Virgo have for me? 

Card: Jack of Pentacles

It's time to start filling up your calander, turn the left over stagnant energy from winter into momentum for your creative endeavors. Get organized and start prepping yourself for some heavy spring cleaning! Cleaning your home, work space, bedroom, magick space, etc is the perfect way to bring in the changing of the seasons. Working with Mother Nature and her cycles is a great way to boost your magick. Being synced to the moon during menstraution, to casting particular spells on certain days you will find that your magick has grown. Mother Nature has power that we can easily access if we just let ourselves do so.  Get organized within your life, and your practice because once you clear the clutter in your mind and your physical space. You allow new blessings and lessons to come into your life. 

What does my intuition say?

Card: 5 of Swords

Summertime is a time for BBQ's and a card game being played by your aunties and uncles. However this Full Moon is reminding you that when it comes to the game of life, you're your best partner. If you think life is throwing hints your way, step back and see the bigger picture. These aren't hints, their full blown messages and you should be listening! Your intuition is NEVER wrong, and you'll never lead yourself down a path you don't need to. However, if you're in a period of repetition and self doubt, it's time for you to get grounded and replenish your energy. Sober yourself up, and detox your mind, body, and spirit. 

What lies ahead for me in March? 

Card: 9 of Swords

If your dreams are keeping you awake at night, or your day dreams have stopped you from being productive use this month to turn that energy around. If you can't sleep at night because of your goals and aspirations instead of laying there... Work on them! By organizing your life, you'll find that when you make time for things you care about you don't seem to worry as much. Putting energy into things that don't serve your highest good, is going against yourself. Try sleeping with Lavender, Mugwort, Eucalyptus  and amethyst underneath or inside of your pillow! Taking time before bed to center yourself and relax your body so that it may find the ultimate comfort. I like to think of sleeping as an adventure in the spirit library. Learn how to work with your dreams by keeping a dream journal and  dream dictionary next to your bedside! There's always messages within our dreams, and decoding them can clear up a lot of mental fog. 

*Note* If you're having trouble sleeping you should also go see your doctor/Healer! 

This Full Moon in Virgo is all about enjoying the rebirthing process, and seeing the truth of what you manifest for yourself! It's also a great time to declutter your life and make space for new vibrant energy! 

Blessed be! 

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