Let May Guide You Into The Next Phase of Your Life! #MGTarotscope

by Kirsten Renee 

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via Tumblr 


Spring has taken its time to arrive this year, and there's a reason for that. It's about time we all stop rushing the process, Mother Nature teaches us all sorts of lessons.  We just have to be honest enough to see what's right in our faces. Trusting your process and recognizing patterns is essential to growth. If you can't see your own truth, how do you expect the universe to see you? You want to manifest that dream life of yours? Do the work, show the universe that you're not here to fuck around.  You don't become a success overnight, and even if you do you still have to know how to trust your process. 

If you're constantly torn between trusting yourself and asking for others opinions, you need to reevaluate some things.  Listen to your intuition because it knows best, you know what you need. It's time to stop denying yourself what it is that you deserve, because you are the key to your success. You're the only one that can determine if you're going to make it or not.  The true tea on adulthood is that to survive it you have to live it. You have to know your limits, know your strengths, and TRUST that you're not going to let yourself down. 

Let May be the month where you truly start blooming into who you are meant to be. Blooming season is taking her time, because you need to learn how to slow your roll. Just like the plants, we grow best when we are in the dark, still, and patient. Just like we tell younger generations to "stay kids forever."  We must also tell ourselves to stay in this moment, and not hurry. For cutting corners gets you nowhere, except for confused. 

Enjoy May's Tarotscope and I'll see you in July! 

*Using The Illuminated Tarot Deck


The Hierophant + 3 of Cups 

It's your time to shine Taurus, with the sun beaming in your sign it's time for you to bring out the party supplies! You may be a homebody 97% of the time, but nothing brings you more joy than having the people you love around you. Celebrate your life for once instead of worrying about future shenanigans that may or may not happen. Let yourself enjoy the fruits of all the hard work you always put in. This month call your friends more, if you want to get out of that head of yours .. start by getting out of the house! Take a music class, or grab a coffee with someone you haven't seen in a while. You don't have to suffer Taurus, you can be your best ally if you allow yourself to be. Don't let your worries of the world stop you from putting your best foot forward. 



3 of Pentacles (Reversed) + 4 of Cups 

Oh Gemini, your mouth often gets you into trouble and I was we creep our way into Gemini season you get more reckless! Think before you talk to the people you interact with, because not everyone can handle the delivery. Also now is a good time to listen to what people say to you,  if you're doubting certain relationships now is the time to ask yourself why you pay them any mind. If there's a lot of hear say, address it and move on. No need to sit in stagnant energy and collect karmic debt. Move forward and focus on whatever goals you've created for yourself.  Sometimes the company that you keep are the ones who hold you back.



Jack of Cups + The Hierophant (Reversed) 

It's time to make a power move Cancer, are you ready? The chance for you to really prove to the world that ya mama didn't raise a bitch is here. You've got to make sure that whatever tools you need you've got and that you're crossing your T's and dotting your I's. If you know you've got some loose ends to tie up with people, do so now. Be honest in how you feel about people's place in your life. You tend to hold on to relationships because you love a project, however people aren't projects... They're people, just like you. Remember that when going into new situations and meeting new individuals. 



6 of Pentacles + 6 of Swords

Big dreamer and even bigger wanderer, Leo you can make magick happen with the twinkle of your nose. You know that, yet you still hold back...Why? What is is that is keeping you from putting all of your eggs into one basket? You know that you're the shit, and you know that no one can do something like you can. You've got the plan done, now you just need to put your big kid britches on and make it happen. If you're afraid, let that fear propel you into the greatness that comes with following your dreams. It's time to really put your best foot forward, and focus on yourself. Who better to lean on than the most reliable person you know? Yourself.  You're a force to be reckoned with, don't forget that. 


The Devil + The Tower (Reversed) 

What you reap you will sow Virgo, and that's something that you especially have to keep in mind. You can easily slip into the habit of playing the devil minus the advocate. It's time for you to see the results of the energy you've been putting out. It's also a good time to start healing the parts of yourself that you've been holding deep beneath your surface. This month focus on your mental health, focus on the mechanics of yourself. Everybody needs a tune up every now and then. Your good a being focused on other things, but let your spirit be one of them. You don't always have to cater to your demons. 



10 of Pentacles + Judgement (Reversed) 

Oh Libra, the truth will set you free if you let it. At what point are you going to stop pretending that people don't see the real you? The truth about your life is front page news and now it's time for you to either keep lying or to finally speak your truth. The only person judging you is you, no one else is bothered by you speaking up. The longer you hide, you put yourself at risk of danger. Danger by way of not taking care of your mental health, physical health, spiritual and emotional health. It's way past time for you to be responsible for your own shit. Don't pretend to be something that you're not, just because you tend to be flighty doesn't mean that people don't see through you.  


Queen of Wands + The Chariot (Reversed) 

As the masters of rebirth and death, you've got your own special artform when it comes to moving on. Right now it's time for to put some things into perspective, and really get focused on what it is that you put on your summer vision board. You've got a special relationship with the spirit world, and the message is loud and clear. Let them guide you into this next phase, let go of the reigns and just enjoy the ride. Trust in your own magick and know that everything you create is destined to be great.  Transformations take time, and you've got nothing but time to make it happen. 


Temperance (Reversed) + Jack of Swords 

You've always been cautious sagittarius, but now isn't the time for your timid approach to life. It's time for you to get into the swing of taking care of yourself. If you've been feeling poorly, it's time to fix that. The best way to heal is to heal the mind, body and soul as a collective. Do the work that it takes to get your health in order, and to help you find balance in this life.  Be aware of how you're reflecting energy. If something is bothering you it'll show, and The Universe will bother you until you change it up. You've got potential, you're just to shy to go and greet it. Don't be afraid of yourself, because you're a good person. 


5 of Cups (Reversed) + Ace of Swords (Reversed) 

It's time for you to focus on what really matters Capricorn, you're the hardest working sign and you know it. However, there are times where you get distracted by the world around you, time to get back to work your break is over. Know that it is time to move forward with whatever business you have planned, and you better be prepared. This idea that you've held onto and nurtured is ready to run wild. How you manage your time now is going to determine how well and how fast your idea manifests. 


The Sun  + 9 of Swords (Reversed) 

No sense in trying to pretend that you keep human hours Aquarius. You tend to be able to survive on your own clock and that's perfectly fine. However, if you're having restless nights try working on that project you keep putting off.  Your internal idea bulb is constantly going off, and if you're not careful you'll put on more than you can handle. Invest in a planner Aquarius, even if you don't keep normal hours make sure the schedule that you do have is organized. Life doesn't have to be so chaotic, nor does it always have to feel heavy and emotional. You can flip the way your life flows by actually working with yourself instead of against yourself. Keep a notepad by your bed so that when you start having these dreams you'll remember them! 


The Sun + 8 of Pentacles

Keep stacking up the checks Pisces, you work hard for everything that you have and you should reward yourself. Things may be a little hard right now and you're probably drowning underneath the pressure. All you need to do is stand up, and take a step back onto shore. Allow yourself time to be alone, you need time for your own thoughts. You don't owe anyone or anything your time and you need to set your boundaries before you go off further down the stream.  You're the only one who can say what it is you will and won't tolerate. Now's the time to speak up before you explode and hinder all of the hard work you've done for yourself. 


Jack of Cups + Ace of Cups (Reversed) 

Whatever you're holding in let it out, there's no sense of stewing over pent up resentment. You're only hurting yourself, because whoever/whatever you're holding a grudge against doesn't care. You can be the most stubborn when it comes to letting go of self sabotaging behavior. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean that you should. Besides your constant need to take subliminal shots at people is what's going to make whatever confrontation coming your way explosive. Defuse the situation between you and whatever has got you worked up, because the less drama you have the better off you'll be. 


Blessed be.