Boss Up or Shut Up. || September 18' Tarotscope's

by Kirsten Renee

You're probably sick of me telling you to trust yourself and stop worrying so much. Get mad, I don't care because it's true! The very core of your sense of self-knows what it wants, even if you don't believe it. September may be the beginning of Harvest season, but it's also calling on you to get some actual work done. If you've been sitting on a million dollar idea now is the time for you to turn it into something real. If you're not realizing your potential then how the fuck do you expect the universe to? Complaining about not being where you want and actually taking steps to do that aren't even on the same spectrum. You think you're hot shit? Okay, that's fine but what are you doing in your life that's worth something? 

Your ego can break or make you, it can also be a great ally when making important life changes.  Are you stuck in a relationship that you're no longer happy in?  Is your job burning you out? Is adulthood making you feel less successful and more lost? All of those feelings can be healed if you'd just take the moment to check on your ego. You want out of a situation, walk away nothing is holding you back EXCEPT your lack of courage. Strength comes from knowing your worth and knowing what is/isn't acceptable in your life. The best thing about being human is that we have free will. You can start over, stop, repeat, delete as many things from your life as you want. 

"The gag is", is that the only person stopping you from success is you. As a reader, I have client's that always hit me with "I swear The Universe is out to get me." No, you're out to get you The Universe is just doing its job and that's to maintain balance and give you exactly what you've asked for. Do you want a better job? Apply to new ones and touch up your resume while you're at it! Want to write a novel?  grab your computer, notebook, whatever and start writing. Here's the thing about manifesting, you've got to put in work WHILE asking Goddess to guide you to the right place. 

You don't have to be stuck in a cycle if you don't want to be. Checking your ego and your own views of your life can help you better understand the lesson within the madness. Your sense of self-importance could be doing one of two things; holding you back because you're sitting in low energy or causing you to stress because you don't know how to stop. You can't be everything and once you recognize just what you are supposed to be. You and your ego will find common ground. 

There's no need to sulk anymore pal, you can make it through anything as long as you remain humble and put time into what it is that you love. September is meant to celebrate our accomplishments of all the things that we've harvested.  What does your harvest look like this year? Is it a reflection of your hard work and plentiful or is it empty? 

Goddess has a lot to tell us this month, so take notes! 


Virgo || 8/23-9/22

The Fool and The Sun

It's your season independent Virgo! The sun has settled into your sign quite nicely and has given everyone the much-needed break from ego-driven Leo. Everything seems to be pretty good for you Virgo or at least that's what you keep telling yourself.  It's no secret that Y'all can be a bit thick headed when it comes to facing reality. You may see yourself one way, while others see you as someone completely different. It's time to focus on how you cultivate the relationships around you? When is the last time you paid attention to someone other than who's in front of your face at that moment? You always know what you want and how you want it, but sometimes in this life, you've got to learn that you can't fix everything.  

Are you helping others or are you actually blocking their karma? Take care of the people that you love, but remember that you can't save anyone especially if you can't recognize when you need to sit down and let The Universe work. This month focus on what you need to do for yourself because you often forget that you need a little loving too. Focus on expanding your interests and maybe that blockage that's been there for the past six months will slowly start to break down. 


Libra || 9/23-10/22

8 of Pentacles and The Hermit

For some reason Libra you can't seem to ever get out of your own head. You're a smart little cookie by nature, you can escape from anything even if you started it.  However, now it seems that everything you thought you put off is coming back for you. It's time you take a look at your life and the spaces that you occupy. On paper, you're very well put together but internally ... Sis, you're a hot ass mess.  Goddess has been trying to reach you and as usual, you ignore every sign because it didn't look like what you wanted it to.

My sweet air sign, come down out of the clouds and really take a good hard look at what's going on around you. Everyone has problems, but the difference between you and them is that you tend to overlook yours. The Hermit suggests you take some serious time to work on your self-improvement and really get a grip on reality. Everything isn't always peaches and rainbows, life can and will get difficult at times. You can no longer put off your healing or facing your shadow self. It's not other people's responsibility to deal with what you've got going on, you can't keep dumping your issues onto others like emotional warfare. You want someone to hear you, maybe you should listen to yourself this time around!

Scorpio || 10/23-11/21

The Star and 5 of Cups

Whether you want to admit it or not, romance is your thing Scorpio. If you've been dating around you may be finding yourself being fixated on one potential boo. You may be afraid and that's okay because new relationships and feelings can be mad scary at times. That same fear can settle in when you are finding yourself facing off with anything from your past. Don't sweat it Scorpio, because you're well equipped to face it head on now. Trust that you've worked your ass off and now you're ready for this battle. Growth is knowing that just because you made a mistake once, that doesn't mean you won't get another chance to make it right. 

There's something heading your way and it's big, it's up to you to know if you're ready for it or not. If you go in without a single doubt in your spirit because if there's even the slightest bit of doubt, your magick won't be able to manifest how it needs to. Scorpio your knack for knowing when to transition is asking you for a redo, are you ready? That's the great thing about The Universe, it does occasionally give out second chances. Goddess give her best warriors the biggest battles, and you're ready for it. 

Sagittarius  || 11/22-12/21 

The Moon and The Magician

Sagittarius! Breathe, you've been through some heavy shit recently and if you're not careful you're going to miss something important. Though you're a fire sign, you like to keep your fire contained unlike your fellow fire signs (Aries and Leo). Now isn't the time to get distracted or shy away from your responsibilities. You can often hide away when heavy life lessons come your way and that has often left you to hold onto feelings until you wild out later on.  Instead of containing your fire, it's time to let it spread. Fire needs the energy to feed off of and if you're refusing to let yourself feel anything you're going to explode.  

Avoid catastrophic emotional outburst by being present and letting your emotions run freely. You will save yourself the heartbreak and the agony of dealing with the aftermath of your choices. If you just face whatever that may be now because you really don't have that much time left. The Universe has been working OVERTIME to help us all reset and reevaluate our current transformations. How have you changed in the last 6 years Sagittarius? What's different in your life now? How have you elevated? Ask yourself these questions because it's time to get real about where exactly your life is. 

Capricorn || 12/22-1/19

King of Pentacles and 10 of Pentacles

Cappy! You're one of my favorite signs Capricorn, you're a no-nonsense type of person and the world needs more of that. However, you can often find yourself "stuck" in a situation that you over analyze instead of seeing the very simple answer. Things don't always have to be some complex if there's a problem using what you have will fix it! You like being comfortable and secure, financial stability is your ultimate gain in life. You never want to be without and that's understandable because even though money sometimes money has a negative view (even though it shouldn't!). You need it to take care of yourself and you of all people know what it's like to be without. 

September is asking you to worry less about finances and overworking yourself.  You're sitting on a goldmine full of ideas and yet you've made no actual stride toward nourishing them. If you want to start making your own rules and doing things your way. Maybe it's time you believe in your leadership skills. You're not dumb by any means Capricorn, so maybe it's time you take some of those classes you've always been curious about. You don't have to spend a bunch of money to get a good education, remember that. 

Aquarius || 1/20-2/18

The Wheel of Fortune and Queen of Pentacles 

The Universe is on your side these days Aquarius,  once you realized that the only person you have to be is yourself doors opened. You're capable of running nations if you'd just remember to not let your ego get to high up on its horse. Remaining vulnerable and open to life is what keeps you flowing, you may be an air sign but you also have a deep connection to the water. You realized very early on in life that if you want something you're going to have to get it yourself. Just do yourself a favor and stop resisting what it is that you really want. Have you ever gone out in the middle of a bad storm and had to brace yourself against the wind? It would be so much easier and cause less stress on your body to just simply let the wind take you off. 

Now don't go getting sucked up by the sky but you can metaphorically allow yourself to flow with whatever transitions come into your life. You've taken the time to reflect and you've done the whole self-doubt thing. Now it's time to kick shit into high gear and show yourself what you're really capable of. This is just the beginning of it all Aquarius, you're about to go through the most fabulous experiences. Just let yourself have them and don't try to mold it into what it is that you want it to be. Let your blessings come and manifest themselves in whatever way they choose to. That's the thing about manifesting, you'll get it you just need to accept it in whatever form it comes to you in.  Are you willing to let go of things to get what you need? 

Pisces || 2/19-3/20

Queen of Wands and 4 of Wands (Reversed)

I know you're terrified right now Pisces, you feel that huge wave coming and you're doing everything in your power to fight the current. Stop fighting and let yourself do what you do best, float on. You are fighting the inevitable right now, you're going to change whether you want to or not. So stressing about it instead of just letting it happen is what's going to drive you crazy. Your life will be what it needs to be but you've got to let yourself be okay with that. Fish are best when they're doing something with those they love. Sure they love their alone time as well, but maybe it's time for you to stop being so antisocial. 

Your loved ones know when you're not alright and they keep calling you because they're worried about you. You've been putting all of this stress on yourself and refusing to let anyone else in. You may even find yourself backtracking to old relationships that you've already moved on from. You're trying to find the answer to a current problem in previous lifetimes when your answer is right here in the present. Some fish come up for a little air every now and then it's time for you to step outside. Come back into the present day and face it like the badass that you are. 

Aries || 3/21-4/19

The World and 9 of Cups

You often find yourself at the center of attention Aries, and that's absolutely okay with you. You love being adored and fawned over, just make sure that you're not putting on act while it's happening. If you find yourself always complaining and wanting people to hear you, first ask yourself what's wrong. If you can identify and find the root of your issue you could fix it, although you can sometimes be overly dramatic and make things up for attention. You don't need to manipulate people into loving you. They will love you if you just show them your authentic self and then you will find the genuine partnerships you seek. 

When you put out fake you get fake right back, if you're starting to question the relationships in your life ask yourself why. What is it about that person that you no longer connect with?  Find the answer to that and you'll also see that you yourself no longer connect with that reason as well. Your relationships are a direct reflection of the energy that you put out. If you can't fully trust those that you love, do you even really love them? A healthy love of any form should always be prefaced with honesty and transparency. To figure out how to start doing that, start with yourself first. It's time to dive deeper into who you are as a person, what you need in a partner and how you are as a partner. Asking yourself these questions will open the door to a deeper understanding of where you're currently at in this life. 

Taurus || 4/20-5/20

Jack of Swords and The Devil (Reversed)

Understand that right now you're being asked to take a step back and notice your surroundings. Often times you can get worked up and hyper-focused on mundane things Taurus, you are a bull after all. However, while you go on these mental benders you tend to forget about the things that matter.  Whatever you're working on or manifesting can't come to fruition if you don't nurture it before it arrives! You can't have plants if you don't water them as seeds and right now you're ten steps ahead when you need to slow down. This isn't a time for you to be in your own head and quite frankly your feelings either. 

It's time to find that nice balance between head and heart, find peace in not knowing what's next. Trust that whatever it is it will be beautiful and blessed by Goddess. You're not alone, you've got a pretty great team around you at all times. Take some time to really put your current phase into perspective and think of how you can let yourself relax more. Find time to enjoy life and all of its lessons because once you do you'll understand why things happen the way that they do.

Gemini || 5/21-6/20

Strength and 8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Sometimes you feel as if it would be easier to just disappear into thin air Gemini and as cool as that would be that's not what's going to happen. You need to face whatever is plaguing you because it won't go away until you do, yes you're not one to take bullshit from anyone. You're also not the best at walking away from toxic situations and that's what's going on now. You're being stubborn about something and you're allowing your pride to take over. Check your ego at the door boo, you've got to face whatever is knocking on your door. 

The sooner you do the less you'll have to worry about shit coming back up later on.  If you're as fearless as you say you are then this should be no problem for you. However, we both know some things are easier said than done but that's okay. We've got a New Moon in Virgo coming up and the energy from such a powerful moment will give you all the strength you need. It's time you tap into that wonder twin power of yours and watch portals open. You're going to be fine, just remember that you really are capable of anything. 

Cancer || 6/21-7/22

Jack of Wands and The Hermit (Reversed) 

Out of all the water signs you're the most tempting Cancer and you know this. You know exactly how to manipulate things to your liking and there are times where that is a favorable trait. Right now you're very close to slipping into old habits and this time it's intentional. You're playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with fate and karma, you're finding it difficult to keep up with whatever it is you've done. It's time for you to rethink this plan of yours, are you really ready to risk everything right now?  If you truly believe in yourself and the life that you want then don't be afraid to walk away.

Sometimes it's best to not go ahead with a plan that you had and that's okay! You're not obligated to stay the same nor are the relationships in your life. You've just got to be able to vocalize when you want to move on from something because people are attached to you. In no way am I saying for you to reach out to toxic individuals or anyone at all for that matter. Only you know how you cope and handle transitional periods of your life. Make smart choices about what it is you want your life to look like and the type of person that you want to be. You've got the magick , it's just up to you to decide how you want to cast it. 

Leo || 7/23-8/22

7 of Wands (Reversed) and Jack of Pentacles

Leo, you love to be in control of every little aspect of your life and you know that realistically that's not possible. There are things you can control though and whatever those things are you need to find them. You start to spiral out of control and you can become a bit much when you do, so save everyone the dramatics and put your big kid pants on. Take a time out on the need to be in charge and just experience being apart of something new. Whether that be redefining your romantic relationship, finding a new job or even considering that new move, focus on what you can do.

You know how you can be when you don't have a routine Leo and a routine is JUST what you need to restore some balance into your life. Find new classes to take, join a dance group or just find something to get you out of the house! Being cooped up drives you crazy and it's time for you to let yourself be seen. You're a summer baby but you adore the fall, change is always welcomed. Allow yourself to experience just exactly what you need in order to feel unrestricted! 


Blessed be! 


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