4 Halloween Makeup Looks To Try.

by Val N.

DIY, and make it fun! 

October is quickly coming to an end and it’s almost that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re still scrambling to come up with a costume idea. We all know there’s gonna be multiple Harley Quinn’s and Minnie Mouses this Halloween. Why not go for something different so you can stand out in the crowd? And get tons of flattering compliments while you’re flaunting your look.

Not even gonna lie, I’ve been Minnie Mouse before. I’ve also been a sailor and an army girl. And we all know Halloween costumes can get very pricy. So this year, I’m trying to spend as little money on my costume as I possibly can. Plus, I want to play around with makeup so I’ve decided to do a Halloween look where I can do just that. Although I haven’t exactly decided what I want to do, I went to Pinterest for some ideas. Here are 4 Halloween makeup looks and tutorials you and I can pull off!

      1. Zombie

Okay, I’ve been obsessed with The Walking Dead. Rather than going for a sexy costume this Halloween, why not switch it up with something scary like a zombie? I’m sure you’ll be getting compliments on your makeup skills all night.

2.  Deer/Fawn

The deer/fawn makeup look was a huge hit for Halloween last year. So huge, it’s been overdone but I still want to try this look. I found a bunch of tutorials but really liked this one by From Head to Toe because of the cute headband she also created.

3. Cat

This one is just as cute and simple as the fawn look. I’ve been a cat before but never went past the cat eyes. This tutorial by Lavenda’s Closet also shows you how to do the lips and whiskers. Plus, she also has a super cute headband!

4. Snapchat Filter

I was actually joking about going as a Snapchat filter but look what I found! A page for not one, but four, Snapchat filter makeup tutorials. The puking rainbows filter is a classic but I was thinking about going as the dog filter. Check out all four tutorials on eHow!

Which Halloween makeup look is your favorite? Let us know!