I Love You: An Open Letter To My Best Friend (part two)

Written by: Emery W. 

The One Who Needs Me


Dear Best Friend,

I often sit and wonder what my life would be like if you hadn’t walked into it. Not because I have worries about our friendship, but because you’re the best friend that I communicate with the least, but may value the most. There’s an undeniable connection between us that is almost unexplainable to anyone except for us.

You know how you have a friend that’s so much more than a friend, but more like a sibling? Well, as I tell you all of the time, that’s who you are to me; my little sister. Not just because you’re younger than me, but also because, out of everyone I hold dear to my heart, you need me the most.

I’m sure much of that need stems from some experiences I’ve had and you haven’t, but a solid percentage also come from our individual characters. I believe that my true passion has always been, and will always be, helping people. You, my friend (and I mean this in the most unoffensive way possible), need lots of help. You know that I know you’re not crazy, at least, not in the committable sense of the word. You are one of the countless number of women who suffer from a low sense of self-worth.

This letter to you is a testament to every woman in the world who feels like they aren’t worth anything to anyone. You are smart; you have the uncanny ability to always see the best in people even when they’ve shown their worst to you. You’re the kind of woman that other women are jealous of because your spirit soars higher than most. I’ve seen you cry and I’ve seen you worry, but never have I seen anyone more optimistic than you.

You’ve done more by your age than I ever did when I was at that stage in my life, and sure, there have been mistakes and bumps along the way, but never in that time have you given up on humanity. There needs to be more people like you in the world; unjaded. Your heart is so big, and full of possibility, and even when you feel at your lowest, somehow, you pull some encouragement out to give to someone else.

On top of all of these amazing personality traits, you’re incredibly beautiful, but anyone with eyes could see that.

Our friendship is an example that opposites really do attract. On first sight, a lot of people would wonder how someone like me could have a great time with someone like you. I’m tame, sensible, responsible, a big sister in anyone’s definition. You’re young, wild, adventurous, and free. We equal each other out, and that’s all that really matters. Sure, at times it may feel like you need to be babysat or chastised for certain life choices, but that’s not the way the world works. You make a mistake, you learn a lesson, and you move on. 

I’m so ready to watch you grow in both age and strength. I promise I’ll be there through it all.