Stand Together + Conquer.

by Kirsten F.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine this morning about the two new cases of black men being killed by police officers. In my heart there was no anger, no sadness, but a fire. A blazing, hot, bright fire that is getting bigger and hotter than ever.  During our conversation I brought up the topic of movies and how people can cheer for the fair skinned hero/heroine (i.e. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and many other movies that center around the oppressed revolting) but they NEVER understand that is EXACTLY what’s happening now.  Somehow the people cheering on Katniss and Harry and praising them on taking down “The Man”. Are the same ones screaming ALL LIVES MATTER, when another Black life is taken. They are the same people who believe in The Force and want to take down the Darth Vader’s of the world. Except those worlds are all fantasy and the one we live in … is sadly very, very real. There are people dying at the hands of those sworn to protect us. Our deaths are not receiving the justice they deserve because the powers that are in control don’t value our lives. 

However, those movies represent something, fight. They represent change, and courage… They’re showing you that we can revolutionize and be heard while still glowing in our blackness. We must not quit or silence our voices, we must not back down or stand divided. Wake up, this is the world that we live in, and this is the world that we can and WILL change. Laws can be changed, systems can and will be broken. We are all human, no matter what title you may hold. We are all equal, and none greater than another. With that being said how do people not understand that if we come together we can actually change our world. It’s so simple, and yes I do understand that they have big weapons, but there is strength in numbers and most definitely in spirit. Change doesn’t happen over night, nor does it happen without actual work being put in.  Don’t let your tears fall in vain, make them count. 

Rise up and continue to protect each other and our future generations. We can not continue to live if we allow this current world to be the only version. Our future children, and theirs to come after that deserve to live a life that doesn’t fear its end by the hands of those in charge. They shouldn’t have to fight to be considered valuable, because they already are. It is OUR job to make sure that they have something stable, something so solid that the foundation doesn’t crack. We have to undo YEARS of damage that our skeletons have caused, we have to be the ones to accept our karma and rectify it. I am not here to preach to you, or tell you what to believe in. I am here to offer an insight on where to begin, and light a fire underneath you. We deserve better, we shall make a difference and no matter if they tell you differently, YOU MATTER. 

Keep fighting, keep shouting, and let them know that if we go down, they’re coming with us.