3 Cheap Activities for a Fun Weekend

by Emery W. 

Itching for a fun-filled weekend, but don’t have the money to club/bar hop? Try these three activities for a good time, each day of the weekend.

Some people crave that feeling of dressing up, and spending a night out on the town after a long work week. Others, myself included, prefer the sanctity of a quiet home life with the occasional need to have a social life. Whether you’re the latter or a social butterfly, there are countless things to do when you want to have some fun with other people other than movie nights and house parties. All without breaking your bank account.

One of the greatest gifts of living anywhere is the availability of places to have fun without spending a ton of money while simultaneously having a good time with the people you choose to surround yourself with. You can spend your whole weekend out without really feeling like you’re making an effort to put yourself out there.

Live Music Friday

“If you get lucky, you may get to see the next big band…”

No matter where you live, there will be someone; solo artist or band who’s trying to get their music out to the masses. Small town or big city, look for local musicians to support.

One of my favorite things to do with my friends on a Friday night instead of hitting up the bar and drinking, is going to watch my boyfriend’s band play a show. Not only is it a way to hear some really great music while hanging out with friends, it’s also a great way to meet new people. If you don’t know anyone personally who’s into music, then ask a friend, or even go to your city’s website. Most times, there are events posted on the website to get people to experience the town’s social atmosphere.

If you get lucky, you may get to see the next big band, and be able to say, “I saw this band/musician live beforethey blew up.” Plus, if the music’s great, and the crowd is good, there’s always a chance to meet someone with similar interests as you. Bam! Instant friendship.

Cost: $ - Find a band that’s playing at a location that doesn’t have a cover charge. Just be sure to tip the band if you enjoy the music. Starving artists are a real thing.

Karaoke Saturday

Let me just put this out there; I am a karaoke FIEND. I used to be too scared to go up on stage and belt one out, but now it’s the best stress relief I could ever ask for. Trust me, everything you see in the movies about karaoke night is true.

Singing in front of a crowd of people isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but watching other people participate can be just as fun. There are two kinds of karaoke singers; the amazing ones who would undoubtedly get a three chair turn on The Voice, and the not-so-great people who may be tone deaf, but look like they’re having the time of their lives, and chances are, they are. Who, knows a couple of cheap beers at your local karaoke dive bar, and you could be on stage imagining yourself as the next Queen Bey.

So, the next time you feel like going out, and the club scene isn’t really your thing, look for the nearest karaoke bar where participation isn’t mandatory, but highly encouraged.

Cost: $$ - Some places require a drink minimum to sing, or if you’re not singing, you may want to have a drink or two while you watch others. My tip: find a dive bar. The drinks are usually cheaply priced, and have a good, down-to-earth crowd.

Sunday Brunch

“Turn it into an outing with friends to spend some last minute time together before the long work week begins.”

The best way to end a fun-filled weekend is to enjoy a nice brunch with some friends. Sunday is the day of rest, and brunch falls during the perfect time of the day; early enough to still sleep in, but not too late where you feel like you’ve wasted your day.

It’s not necessary to dress up for brunch, and if you choose to eat outdoors on a beautiful day, it gives you an excuse to wear a cute pair of shades to cover the hangover look some will surely be sporting. Turn it into an outing with friends to spend some last minute time together before the long work week begins. Order a Bloody Mary, and eat some food that’s just heavy enough to be considered a meal without ruining your appetite before family dinner or game day wings.

Cost: $$ - It all depends on you and what you order. 

Weekends, if planned correctly, are the perfect time to let loose and have fun, and these three activities are perfect for everyone; introvert or extrovert. If that’s the what you want to do. A nice, quiet night at home is always an option too.