Album Review: A Seat at the Table

by Kirsten F.

“Fall in your ways, so you can wake up and rise.”



I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have had Solange’s new album “A Seat at the Table” on repeat since it dropped the other day. I’ve always been a massive Solange fan, ever since her first album. I admire her style, how she carriers herself and how she lets her black girl magic shine so brightly. “A Seat at the Table” is a mixture of eclectic beats and mellow vocals. With features from artist like Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Q-Tip and many more. This album is a sure fire chart topper (which it is by the way it’s currently number one on The Billboard 200 chart). 

With hits like “Cranes in the Sky” and my personal favorite “Rise” Solange’s new album is a masterpiece. Like her sister Queen Bey’s album “Lemonade” Solange’s music is rooted in southern black culture. Solange has a voice that makes you feel as if you’re on the top of a mountain dancing in circles. Her smooth vocals will have you drift off into a day dream of sunflower fields and mimosas. While it brings out those feelings of being a carefree black girl. It also reminds me of Sunday night dinners growing up, having the entire family over and each person in their assigned seat laughing and enjoying fellowship. 

There’s so many layers to being black, and “A Seat at the Table” dives into every single one. The struggles and the magic that we experience as black women is something that not everyone understands. That’s why this album is so needed it tells not just her story, but all of our stories. 


I’ve always been a highly influenced by Solange and her creativity. How her mind works to create albums, video, shoots, and her fabulous website Saint Heron . She is constantly setting trends, pushing boundaries with her style, and her bold personality. She truly outdid herself with the visuals for “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky”.  A range of brown and black folks wearing so many vibrant colors, beautiful scenery, and eccentric choreography these videos have also been on repeat. As a creator myself, I thrive off of amazing visuals, and Solange has captivated me with her creative thought process.  

If you haven’t listened to “ A Seat at the Table” please do yourself a favor and get some culture in your life. Let Solo lead you down a path of blackness, magic, and pure imagination.