7 Gilmore Girls Watch Party Must Haves.

by Emery W. 



Alright guys, we are officially seven days away from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not able to contain my excitement any more.

Now, if you haven’t been following the watch schedule I came up with last month, mic.com has a great list of the most important episodes to watch before the revival. Catch up on said episodes, then come November 25, make sure you have these seven must-haves for your GG watch party.

1. Vicious Trollop


You can’t start a revival party without looking the part. One of my favorite episodes is when Lorelai and Emily spend a mother-daughter weekend together, and eventually bond over their love of Vicious Trollop; a perfect pink lip shade. Not only can you find the product online (which I urge everyone to do), but if you don’t have time to get it, just wear your favorite pinkish-red color. When you do, tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat with the tag #OTEViciousTrollop. We’ll repost our favorite ones!

2. Coffee



You don’t have to watch every episode of Gilmore Girls to know that our favorite mother-daughter pair are the epitome of coffee addicts. Make a pot (or 10), and drink up!

3. Food

Lorelai and Rory are the kind of women that every other woman hates; they eat every that’s considered wrong yet their bodies always look right! I suggest for this night only to binge Gilmore Girls style. Order a pizza, Chinese, buy some Pop Tarts, marshmallows, Red Vines, and anything else that makes you want to vomit. Even add an apple in there for good measure.

4. Team Swag


The one thing everyone is talking about is which of Rory’s old flames she’ll inevitably end up with. In my opinion, I don’t think she’ll end up with any of them because she’s a fierce woman in her own right. However, if my greatest dreams were to come true, Team Jess will prevail. For the occasion get creative, and show us your best take on your team’s swag. Sport a leather jacket if you love Dean, wear your favorite band tee in homage to Jess, or have an umbrella handy if you’re a Logan lover. Use the tag #OTETeam, and show us who your favorite guy for Rory is. Extra points of you can make good use of our favorite underdog, Marty.

5. The Rory

Who remembers the posh 21st birthday party Emily threw for Rory in season 6? I know I do, and I’ve always wanted to try Rory’s signature drink, The Rory. The characters on the show don’t think too highly of it, but it’s up to you to make your own opinion. I won’t give you the recipe. You’ll have to watch the episode yourself to get it.

6. Your Favorite Book


Rory is the ultimate book worm. You’ll remember in season 2 when she and Lorelai take an impromptu trip to Harvard, and Rory freaks out over not having read enough books in her 16 years of life. Make sure you have your favorite page-turner with you. You get major props if it’s a Proust.

7. Kleenex


The feels that this revival are already more than I can handle so Kleenex will undoubtedly be required for this four-episode extravaganza. Make sure you’re stocked up.

We here at On The Edge will be live-watching the revival the moment it releases on Netflix next Friday, and we want you to join us and me this an interactive experience. Get your revival items, log onto and follow us on all our social media accounts, and live this tale with us.