Social Media & Relationships

by Emery W. 

Social media is both the best and worst invention of the 21st century. The way you feel about it is determined by the way you use it.


For example, the first social media forum I used was Myspace back in high school. It was an excellent way to communicate with friends outside of school. Next came Facebook which I decided to start using somewhere around my senior year of high school. It soon became a way for me to find old friends I’d forgotten about while simultaneously keep up with the people I knew in high school after we’d graduated.


Enter the college years, and it soon went from a hotspot for friends to a meeting ground for every extracurricular activity I participated in. Meeting and rehearsal times were all posted on Facebook group pages, or group chats.  

Now in my late 20’s I use most social media outlets, except for Instagram, as a way of networking. The cool thing about Facebook and Twitter are that they’re great ways to get your name and business out in the universe. As a writer, I use my profile as a way for people to get in touch with me for questions and comments.

Here’s where things get complicated. There are a few souls out here who don’t see the purpose of setting up two separate social media accounts; one personal and one professional. In my opinion, juggling the two simply takes up too much time, and causes a lot of confusion. With my luck, I’d post something that’s meant for my personal profile on my professional page, and all hell immediately breaks loose.


Twitter, however, is a completely different story. I’m not sure why, but something about Tweeting makes me feel safer than posting a Facebook status. I’m not sure if it’s because of the character limit, or because so few of the people I encounter on an everyday basis use Twitter. I tend to be more open, and more likely to vent on Twitter which has recently gotten me in some relationship troubles. The reason you should never post anything pertaining to relationship woes on the internet, no matter how safe you think you are, is because nothing on the internet is a secret. It will always get back around to whomever it is you’re trying to hide from. This is my personal hate part of my relationship with social media.

Now, I know an easy fix is to just not post personal feelings on the internet, even in the heat of a moment, but in my case, that’s easier said than done. Personally, I think my account is mine to do with what I will, and if I want the whole world to know my best friend pissed me off one day then damn it, I’ll tell them! But it’s not fair on the other side if things. Placing myself in the other person’s shoes completely changes my opinion of what I post online. Even if the page and thoughts are my own, putting those feelings out for everyone to see doesn’t affect only me. It impacts the life of the person I’m referencing.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is; use social media at your own risk, or risk the relationships you have with others.