Tasty Halloween Treats for Your Party

By. Kirsten F. 

Nothing says a fun time like snacks! 


Halloween is literally THREE days away and I know a lot of people who are making the final preparations for their parties! However every good party thrower knows, you can’t have a good time without snacks! So I did you all a favor, I crafted up the list of TOP spooky treats for your throw down!

1. Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers


Nothing says adulthood like stuffed peppers! Find the recipe for these delicious treats HERE


2. Hunch Punch


Do us all a favor if you can’t handle your liquor stay away from the punch.

Get the recipe for this hot mess HERE


3. Monster Munch


Nothing says tasty like a bunch of food thrown together in a bowl! This is also a GREAT treat for kid friendly parties, or parties where your drunk friends act like children! 

Check out how to make this delicious sweet treat HERE


4. Slime Punch


I would honestly drink this even if it wasn’t Halloween, quench your thirst with this delicious spooky brew! Who knows it might even make you howl at the moon too! 

Here is the recipe on how to change your party guests taste buds! 


5. Ghost Pizza Bagels


PIZZA AND GHOSTS OH YES! Find out how to make these ooey, gooey and , cheesy treats HERE


6. Witches Brew


Something wicked this way comes … in the form of a cocktail! Drinking and broom flying is strongly frowned upon so drink responsibly! 

Get the ingredients on how to make this delicious brew HERE


Happy Halloween!