Restaurant Review: The Gallatin Riverhouse Grill

By Kirsten F. 


I’ve traveled far and wide while stuffing my face the entire way. Food is a form of comfort to me, and as a vegetarian I tend to find things that I can eat almost anywhere.  This past week my travels lead me to what I now deem the home of the “greatest macaroni and cheese on Earth”. The Gallatin Riverhouse Grill in a small (and I do mean small) town called Big Sky in the mountains of Montana. 

If you ever find yourself on a trip to Yellowstone, you’ll see the signs for Big Sky which is about an hour North of the national park. My aunt and I found ourselves visiting this place during one of our pit stops! The atmosphere reminded me of a local restaurant in my hometown + even though we were the only black folks in that place it wasn’t uncomfortable! I’ve visited some places before and have definitely felt the “difference”. It wasn’t very busy and that’s probably because it was the middle of the night, and most people were sound asleep in their homes. 


If you’re a big meat eater, then this is the place for you! They have an assortment of BBQ, and fried meat options! However as a non-meat eater, I have become the Queen of side menu items. I chose their Mac + Cheese, Fried Okra, and ate some of their very tasty onion rings. 

I have never in my life dug into such delicious food, their Macaroni was so creamy and so damn cheesy my whole life was changed. I pride myself on being a fried okra specialist, it’s hands down my favorite food and being from The South I know what good okra is!  This little place in the middle of Montana rivals some of the best southern fried okra, if we’re being honest it might be in the number one spot of my favorites! Seriously, if you’re ever in Big Sky give this place a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed. Good food, GREAT prices, and an atmosphere that’ll make you want to stay forever!