Top Five Places To Eat In Georgia

by Kirsten F. 

*Please note, these are all of MY favorites, not your trash ones. jk.*



Eating out is one of my favorite activities to do, albeit I don't do it often (it ain't cheap!) I still love to dine out every once in awhile with my lady gang! I've compiled a list of MY favorite restaurants in and near Atlanta, GA.  Each of these places aren't expensive at all, because I'm a lady who likes to eat, but HATES to spend hella coins on things. 

Cheap treats friends, cheap treats. 

1. Little Five Pizza, Atlanta, GA


This may just be (read: it is)  my FAVORITE pizza place in the entire world.  L5 Pizza is one of the most interesting establishments. It’s small, but never overcrowded especially during lunch time. There’s always something great blasting from the speakers, and two interesting topics taped to their tip jars.

           Favorite Spot to Sit: Outside on their patio, under the umbrella tables.
            Best Slice: The White pizza; Delicious cheesy goodness.

    2.  Bank Street Cafe, Griffin, GA


Have you ever wondered where in the world you can get perfect brunch and the best tasting mimosas? It’s Bank Street that has both of those qualities. In this small town, this resturant has become a weekend staple for most. Whether you’re enjoying a beer outside on a Friday night with live music, or you’re hanging out with the girls on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Bank Street has a vibe of family, and comradery that’ll make you never want to leave.  

                       Favorite Spot to Sit: Upstairs near the bar.
                       Best Dish:  Pimento Cheese Toast (Brunch item)

    3.  The Vortex, Atlanta, GA


Ever wondered what it would feel like getting kicked out of a eating establishment? Just fix your lips to say something rude to the hardworking individuals at The Vortex, and they will most definitely throw you out. Not only is the environment super dope, the food is DELICIOUS. For all of my meat eaters out there do yourself a favor and order their Dixie Wrecked Taters! Your taste buds will bless you. Vegans and vegetarians don’t worry they have options for us to! Can't make it to Little Five? Don't worry, they've got a second location in Midtown! 

                              Favorite Spot to Sit: Upper level covered patio
                              Best Dish: Everything, literally nothing is bad. 

4.  Bell Street Burrito, Atlanta, GA


Whoever said Chipotle had the best burritos LIED, and they’ve never had the pleasure of sinking their teeth into one of Bell Streets succulent burritos. Also we have to talk about the most important thing; guacamole! The guac here is the perfect amount of creamy with a lot of bold flavor. Bell Street not only has fantastic food, but the best customer service! Check them out if you’re in town!

               Favorite Place to Sit: I’ve only ever had their catered food!
               Best Dish: Veggie Burrito (seriously it’s so good)

5.  Chin Chin 2


This is possibly my favorite lunch spot in all of Atlanta.  Chin Chin 2 is a Pan-Asian spot right on Ponce in the same parking lot as Murder Kroger (RIP).  They deliver, which to be honest is my favorite thing about any city; quality delivery options. They’re prices are “pay day” affordable , and their sushi is outstanding as well. They also have a TON of veggie options for my non meat eating pals!

                             Favorite Place to Sit: Wherever it got delivered to
                             Best Dish: Avocado Spring Rolls