Why Black Privilege Cannot Exist

by Emery W.

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Photo Credit Google


I've been pondering about writing on this subject for such a long time because I was afraid my views would offend others, and cause a argument I didn't feel like I was to handle. Then, it dawned on me; a man whose purpose is to silence those of us who want to speak out on the mistreatment of Black Americans is being sworn in as the leader of our nation, and as a citizen, my being silent is unacceptable.


    I want to first say that a large majority of my friends are white, and I love them the same as my friends who are black, but I've noticed several differences in the way that my friends of color live versus my white ones.


    There's one thing that my white friends will never understand, and it's their level of privilege. Even the ones who don't come from extremely wealthy families don't understand the value behind working their way up from the bottom. Here's where people may start getting offended. I'm not saying white people don't work as hard as black people. What I am saying is that the playing field is not even. You have to go back to history in order for my point to be proven.


    From the beginning of slavery of black people in America to their emancipation, we as Black Americans have had to work. There's no money or titles our ancestors were born into like the Europeans our white peers descended from. My ancestors taught their children to work, causing a domino effect on later generations. We were all taught to work for not only what we wanted, but for basic essentials we needed.



    No matter how much someone may want to spin it; Jewish, Irish, etc.; you will always have a better chance at success than people who look like me because of the color of your skin. If people weren't aware of white privilege then Affirmative Action wouldn't exist. In my opinion, AA is something created by old white people to help soothe their guilt of turning away people based on the color of their skin.


    If racism wasn't a problem, then why do minorities need a special program to get admitted into schools that their white peers can do based off of their skills? Because black privilege cannot exist. Affirmative Action is not a privilege, it's a handout. It's the same thing as being racist against white people; it's not possible.


    I don't hate white people. I love them. If anything, I connect with them on a better level than some of my black friends, but that doesn't get rid of the divide. It doesn't eliminate the fact that they will always have it easier than me because of what they look like. I don't mind working hard. I'm proud of everything I achieve because it means it wasn't presented on a silver platter. I'm just mad at the reason why.