How I Discovered My Magick.



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I was always inspired by the witches in movies as a child, I wanted to be Ursula instead of Ariel & Practical Magic is the movie that I still watch at least three times a week. Sabrina The Teenaged Witch was my favorite comic book, I used to sketch out the covers in my own notebook.  Always loving the broom in her hand and her fearlessness, Sabrina always knew to trust herself and let her magick flow. The Craft taught me to manifest my wildest dreams, and that everything comes with a consequence. Jayde from The Drama High series taught me to remember my ancestors, and to call on my spirit guides whenever I need a reminder of where I come from. These were the women and stories who I found pieces of myself within.

There was something special about certain moments in my life, looking back I can see why they were.  I've always known that witchcraft and magick lived within me, but as most of us do I let what I was taught cloud who I am.  Witchcraft isn't a hobby for me, it's the most exciting part of who I am. This path and this journey have led me to more questionable and mentally stimulating moments than ever. It's who I am because it's the only thing I've ever known, I say that knowing that who I am is magical in every way. I'm connected to animals in ways that most people aren't, I can tell what weather is coming by how the wind blows, I always have an answer for everything, and when I don't my silence is an answer in itself.  Magick isn't something you can just buy in a shop, it lives deep within you, pumps through your being like a waterfall.

I remember writing my own spell once in high school, it didn't work because I forget the key ingredient... Believing in it.  In High school I found myself being drawn to astrology and tarot cards. Although, the tarot was always at the back of mind, Miss Cleo (RIP) sparked interest me quite a few times with her infomercials.  I was too afraid of what I had been conditioned to believe, so I hid from what I secretly wanted. I used to casually (all the fucking time)  visit this online tarot game on (that website needs to make a comeback). I was high key obsessed with it because it was always accurate, and I found that to be more than just a coincidence.

I bought my first physical deck last year, I remember the excitement I felt after I opened the box. It felt new, and spiritually lifting that's how I knew that reading the tarot was my key to God/dess and that I finally felt a piece of me lock in. Reading tarot cards has been emotionally freeing, I find an answer to things I didn't even know I was unintentionally asking for, and to things that I actively search for within. My gift for clarity has come full circle for me, and I've learned how to share my gifts with other people.  Slowly I am coming into my purpose, and am using it to help those around me.  Imagine climbing a large mountain, where you can see the peak in the distance. The path is made up of so many different terrains and you know that the only way to the top is to keep learning about yourself.  That's what it's been like for me; the deeper I go within the higher I climb and the more clear my intuition becomes.  



Falling in love with yourself is the true definition of falling head over heels in love. I realized that if I want something to happen I have to fully believe in that want. Allowing myself to get to know myself became a necessity for me. It hasn't been easy though, falling in love with myself has also come with some very triggering moments. Self care is more than just a bath bomb and yoga, it's facing those demons that you locked away once. Self care is looking at yourself in the mirror and truly seeing the person staring back at you. For me, that meant coming to terms with a lot of things.

Truth telling comes with a price, and often that price can be heavy and feel like a weight is constantly sitting on your chest. Digging in deeper is the key to understanding yourself and the world you live in (we don't all live in the same dimensions). The farther I go into my own journey the more I experience.  I've found myself traveling the galaxies randomly, and my dreams are clearer than they have ever been. Diving deeper into a higher conscience projects you into a completely different living experience. 

I see the world and what it truly is instead of what I was told it looks like, learning about the universe and it's many dimensions has brought a significant amount of joy. Although, there are parts that have been frightening;  like the one time I had a very interactive dream and was floating through the galaxies.  It was beautifully terrifying because it was very, very real and I had never experienced something so bigger than myself before. 




I've found that on this journey of witchcraft it isn't always about rituals and spells. It's about learning to listen to your soul and using that voice to influence the world you live in. Creating the life that you KNOW is meant for you is difficult sometimes. However when you've got the universe and spirit on your side, what can go wrong? Trust is the biggest thing; trust that your divine plan is specifically yours, trust that your magick is powerful, trust that your spirit guides & guardian angels have your back in everything that you do. 


Also, magick isn't something to play with. The same way it can create something beautiful, it can also do some serious damage if you're not careful. I'm not saying you can't hex someone or whatever, that's your business. Just be mindful that EVERYTHING we do will find it's way back to us. So if you're out here putting serious hexes on people for fun, that energy will find it's way right back into your own life and be worse than when you sent it out. Now, if someone is bugging you handle them accordingly, like remove them from your space all together.