ColourPop "Up and Away" and "Can You Knot" Lip Bundles

Liquid lipsticks are the entire craze right now and one of the top brands out there is ColourPop, which offers a wide variety of shades and finishes for very cheap prices. ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lips are the most popular products and there are so many shades to choose from! There’s so many that ColourPop usually releases lip bundles so it’s just a little easier to decide which shade you want to buy and wear. Recently, ColourPop released their fall collection lip bundles with combinations of their glossy, satin, and matte finishes. I was able to get my hands (or should I say… lips) on two of their lip bundles – Up and Away & Can You Knot. Keep reading to learn more about ColourPop’s lip bundles and some swatches of the shades!

Up and Away

ColourPop’s Up and Away lip bundle is a trio of warm toned shades. The three shades are Love Bug, Mama, and Calypso. Love Bug is a rich mahogany matte finish, Mama is a burnt orange matte finish, and Calypso is a mid-tone pink satin lippie. My favorite out of the three is Love Bug. Mama looks too orange on my skin and Calypso is just like any other pink shade on me. I’m only speaking for myself. You never know what shade looks good on you until you try it!

Can You Knot

Unlike the Up and Away lip bundle’s warm tones, ColourPop’s Can You Knot lip bundle features darker, berry shades. The three shades included in the Can You Knot lip bundle are Hutch, Notion, and Sookie. Hutch is a deep blackened violet satin finish. Notion is a deepened raspberry matte shade. Sookie is a full-coverage rich plum glossy finish. Of the three shades in the Can You Knot lip bundle, Notion is my favorite. Hutch is a little too dark for me and I don’t like glosses at all… so Sookie is out of the question. But it does look like a great finishing touch to layer over Notion if you ever want to go from a satin look to a glossy look.

For the last few months, ColourPop has been my go-to for lippies. Like I said, they offer a wide variety of shades and finishes to choose from. Each lippie is about $6 and domestic shipping is free for orders over $30! For $30, you can get FIVE lippies. That would afford you just one (maybe two if you’re lucky) lippie from higher end brands. I will definitely be adding more shades to my collection. You can find more lip bundles and collections on ColourPop's site.

Have you tried ColourPop lippies before? What’s your favorite shade?

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