Love Yo' Self Spells

by Kirsten F. 

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I've been feeling the loving vibes from my Sun sign (Aquarius) passing through.  I've been extremely tuned into myself, and to my emotions. Realizing that it was time for a massive spiritual cleansing, I took to learning how to create and work love spells. Growing up I was always afraid of love spells, as a child I remember family conversations of women chaining men to them through spaghetti. I also remember the scene in "Practical Magic" and that woman was so obsessed with a man that she couldn't stand it. Those always seemed wild and extreme to me because I've always felt like love should be given freely. How people receive your love is on them, but how you give it is on you. 

As I've grown my curiosity of witchcraft into an entire part of my life, I've continuously been learning day by day of what type of magick I possess, and what I can create.  I run off of love, and for a long time I could never admit that to myself. I prefered to keep a hard exterior instead of allowing my entire being to radiate the compassion that I felt inside. As I began seeing past preconceived ideas of love spells, I began to try my hand at creating my own.  Adding Rose Quartz to my crystal collection, and diving into figuring out what it was that I need.  I found out that I speak through music and written words. I found my love of writing love letters to people who matter to me again. As I work these spells I notice the way that my spirit is responding, I am facing myself in a way that once would have scared me. I'm realizing that those shadows that lurked in my past are not bad, but are lessons that I needed.  My intuition is my biggest allie and I always trust it.

When working spells of the heart, be mindful that no matter if the outcome is meant for you or another. The truth will always come forward, because to love anything or anyone the truth must be revealed.  Asking the spirit guides for their help in aiding your self love spells is asking for every door you've ever had to open and confront you. Because to love yourself, you must know yourself first. 

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I'm still new at creating my own spells and rituals, but that doesn't make them not real. No matter where you are on your journey your magick is as strong as you want/need it to be. With that being said, I've included a spell that I created and that I've tried from other people!


Attracting Love To You , From You

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This spell is for some self induced TLC! Creating your reality is all about your perception, so if you believe the spell will work... It will.  I'm in no way saying the result will be instant, nor am I saying that you'll even see some major effect. Spells work differently for different people, at least that's what I've learned. 

What You'll Need:

  1. Pink, Red, or White candle(s)
  2. Rose Quartz / Citrine
  3. A clear and grounded space, sage your work space and meditate (dance, sing, whatever you do to go into your own spirit). 
  4. Stand in the mirror, find yourself. Invision a white light engulfing you. 
  5. Orange oil (or your favorite oil!) 


   My spirit is full of lust, love and compassion.

I seek truth and guidance from my intuition and (any other god/dess, fairies, spirit guides, guardian angels,etc) that protect me. 

My love is my own to give as freely as I see fit, and to take back whenever I feel the need to. 

end the spell with whatever you like to send it off with. 

Extra Tips:

  1. You can also write this spell down on any mirroring surface. Working with mirrors is a very direct and all walls down type of practice. By writing these words down, you are asking for them to reflect onto your present life. So be mindful when using mirrors in your practices.  
  2. Write this spell down on a piece of paper, bless it and carry it with you until you feel like you don't need to any longer. 
  3. Sleep with the written spell! You can place it underneath your pillow or lay it beside you before you go to bed. 


You can also read out some of my personal favorite love spells written by some of my favorite people! 

Check out this interview that Gabriela Herstik from did with Bri Luna aka The Hoodwitch! Bri gives a lesson in working with Rose Quartz and your heart chakra! 



Let us know if you used this spell!