How To Be A Money Conscious Fashionista

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to look good on a budget. There are a few tricks and tips that I have picked up over the years by being an avid shopper and by working with and around fashion.

Rule 1: Do NOT Impulse Buy!

We have all been there, you see a cute dress or a pair of shoes that will go great with this pair of shorts you own and we buy it without thinking. This is how I’ve ended up with almost the same exact dress in the same exact color in my closet. I snap a quick pic on my phone and then I go home to sleep on it and make sure I don’t own three other tops just like it. If I wake up and still feel like I want the item I then eventually make it back into the store to pick it up….. The bad habits of living ten minutes away from an amazing mall!

Rule 2: Always Try On Your Clothes

How many times have you grabbed something because it looked cute on the mannequin but when you got the article of clothing home it didn’t look the same? Let’s be honest with ourselves, we never go and return that item of clothing. No, instead it ends up at Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange completely new and then you’re out on some money. So if I don't have time to try it on then I say to myself it obviously wasn't meant to be or I make time to go back later and try it on. This has ended up saving me a lot of money in the end.

Rule 3: Always search for sales

A quick google search can show you which stores are having the best deals. I’ve found that while not all the same brands are carried throughout different department stores all the brands carried inside have similar looking clothing items. Even target has an app (Instacart) where they do different percentages off of clothing from time to time and you usually get an email that alerts you to all the new deals going on. I have planned many shopping trips around sales and have come out saving hundreds of dollars. 

Rule 4: Expensive doesn’t always mean great quality

Everyone dreams of owning something from some luxury name brand or made by or supported by some random celeb. Just because something is high price or supported by someone who makes high dollars doesn’t mean that it’s good, lasting quality. Do not pay a high cost for clothes that won’t last through five washes. That’s why it’s always important to read reviews across multiple platforms on high priced products before you buy.

Rule 5: Sign up for Rewards

A lot of stores now have some type of rewards program. Rather that be in the form of you just giving them a phone number or getting a credit card from them. A prime example to use is Nordstrom, they have three different ways to earn rewards and money back. The first is you just supply them with your phone number and email address and you earn 1 point for every dollar spent and once you reach so many points gained then you get what is called a “note” which is as good as having cash at their store. Then there is the debit and credit options. Debit is connected straight to your bank account and the money comes out immediately or you can apply for a credit card. You earn 2x the points for every dollar spent with either of those options, plus a slew more benefits comes with those. With that said…. Be careful if approved for the credit card it is money that has to be paid back!

Fashion is something that is forever changing so the final note I would like to leave you with is do not over buy on any fashion trends that are in if you plan to change them up with each new season.