The Importance of My Girl Gang

by Kirsten Renee

“We’re dysfunctional at best, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Photo Credit Kirsten Renee

Photo Credit Kirsten Renee

I didn’t grow up appreciating my fellow lady friends, my friend circles were always full of catty ways and kicking people out. If you’ve ever seen that episode of Lizzie McGuire where Kate breaks her arm + the cheerleaders demote her… It was like that. Now though I have an army of bad ass women by my side + they aren’t going anywhere. I am a solid feminist, my love for my fellow  women stands tall. Having your girls by your side is something that can’t be explained, It’s like “who else is going to know what sneezing on your period is like?” Girl gangs are like a sisterhood in a sense, a super tight knit community of warrior princesses. 

 I have a core circle of gal pals that I went through teenage angst with , we don’t ever see each other but we always keep each other up to date. Some of them have kids, others are married, and living life. These ladies knew me at a very young and wild age, where partying was more important than anything. However, as most adolescent friendships do we went our separate ways, and that is perfectly okay. One thing still stands though, we are always rooting for one another.

“I have an army of bad ass women by my side + they aren’t going anywhere.”

 In my late teens and early twenties, the higher power blessed me with my sister squad. The five of us make up the oddest, but purest blended family. We’ve all grown up together in our small hometown, but we didn’t become a complete family until our late teens.  These women helped see me through the most pivotal phase of my life, they watched me transform from a person full of self deprecation and depressive episodes into the confident and self assured fairy that I am today. We’ve all watched each other transform into stronger individuals.  Through heartbreaks, triumphs, drunken nights and every moment in between  we have rooted ourselves in the foundation of our friendship. We have moved and graduated college,  gotten engaged, and had real adult experiences. Our conversations have gone from Joe Jonas vs Nick Jonas and first kisses to home decor talks, and sex tips that we read on Buzzfeed.  We have grown into women together, and that’s an experience that only we get to say we had. 

I also have two women in my life who are possibly extra heartbeats in my chest. These two transcend sisterhood and family, they are what I call my right hand and my life partner. My right hand I have known each other for six years, but it has felt like a million lifetimes. She is my soul twin and you would think that we’re actual sisters, but we’re not! Life partner and myself have been best friends for 11 years and one would argue that we date with how close we are. Her husband reminds us of it all the time! However we are as thick as thieves because she was the first friend to ever have my back without a second thought. No matter what the situation is, she is down to ride with me until the wheels fall off. She protects me, cares for me like one of her own kids even though I’m older and she’s never afraid to check me when I go left. That sort of friendship is the rarest and most special in my opinion. We are blood even though genetics say we are not, but we were never they types to listen to anyone else. 

“We have grown into women together, and that’s an experience that only we get to say we had.”

Having a group of women who inspire you, love you and care for you is something that every lady on this planet should experience. There is something about being bonded together in womanhood that is thrilling. We are unstoppable, and together we can make mountains move if we tried hard enough. If you have your own girl gang / sister squad / BFF call them and remind them why you love them so much. Ladies of the world, I leave you with this “Go out and inspire each other’.