Why I'm Fighting For Planned Parenthood

by Kirsten F

You will not police my body. You will not police my body. YOU WILL NOT POLICE MY BODY.


During most of 2016 I was without health insurance, and for me (a woman who has quite a few reproductive problems) that was an issue.  Since I was 13 I’ve suffered from terrible periods; unbearable cramps that cause me to vomit, extreme water retention, cysts the size of golf balls on my Ovaries, excessive bleeding… the list goes on. Being on birth control truly changed my life, and had nothing to do with being sexually active. Not only did it regulate my periods, it got my hormones in check as well. The sweating, the crying, the body hair, and other issues had finally been taken care of. 

Being without my birth control was hell for me, I was back to feeling like death whenever my period came. I was bed ridden, tired, and in so much pain that sometimes I couldn’t walk. However, I remembered someone telling me that Planned Parenthood works with people without insurance.  So there I was in front of the location in Olympia, Washington. A little scared because well… What if someone thought I was there because I was pregnant? I quickly shook that thought, ashamed of myself for even thinking that in the first place. However, sometimes we are still haunted by what we were taught growing up. 


Planned Parenthood changed my life in just under an hour. Not only did they make me feel at ease (more than ANY of my doctors ever have). They gave me information on how to get free healthcare. The staff at Planned Parenthood talked to me like I was a person, and didn’t make me feel ashamed for anything that I said. They asked me what option I wanted when it came to birth control, and gave me a year supply of pills and a few boxes of “Plan B” which is $50 a box at Target. 

Planned Parenthood saved my life, and now I need your help saving theirs.  This week America elected the devil himself as The President. He and his staff don’t believe in women’s healthcare, nor do they believe that women have a right to our own bodies. I need your help making sure that Planned Parenthood thrives during these next four years. Whether that be through donations  , volunteering, or just simply showing your support in whatever way you can. You can help make a difference, and help save the lives of women, men and children everywhere.

Are you with me? 

Need to visit Planned Parenthood? Check to find one near you!