Don't Sit Down: A Benefit Standing with Planned Parenthood

Photo source:  Pitchfork

Photo source: Pitchfork

On Saturday, March 4th, Best Coast hosted a one night only event -- Don't Sit Down: A Benefit Standing with Planned Parenthood. The benefit concert was held at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles and the lineup consisted of notable female musicians and groups fronted by women such as Veruca Salt, Grouplove, and Liz PhairAll proceeds went to Planned Parenthood and the one-time event proved to be very successful.

Photo source:  Best Coast

Photo source: Best Coast

Best Coast are an indie rock duo from Los Angeles. The two members of Best Coast are Bobb Bruno, guitarist, and Bethany Cosentino, singer-songwriter and guitarist. Since the band's inception in 2009, Best Coast have released three full-length studio albums -- Crazy for You (2010), The Only Place (2012), and California Nights (2015). Their music videos match their musical style. The video for "Our Deal" was inspired by West Side Story, directed by Drew Barrymore. More notably, the music video starred familiar faces such as Chloe Moretz, Miranda Crosgrove, Shailene Woodley, Tyler Posey, and Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino).

Lead vocalist, Bethany Cosentino, is an admirable and inspirational woman who will fight for a good cause. Scrolling through Best Coast's Twitter, which is mainly run by Bethany, you will learn that she opposes Trump, is a feminist, and supports Planned Parenthood. Bethany is so passionate about Planned Parenthood, she organized a benefit concert for the nonprofit in the midst of the its possible defunding.

The one-night event was held at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 4th. Up-and-coming bands fronted by women such as the Side Eyes, MUNA, and Lovely Bad Things, were opening acts. Nina and Louise of Veruca Salt also performed, bringing back angsty, grungy, girl power feels from the 90s. There was also a special appearance by Liz Phair, another notable female musician from the 90s. She and Bethany performed each other's songs. Grouplove played a fun and energetic set before Best Coast closed the night.

The benefit event was definitely a memorable night and according to Best Coast's Instagram, the concert attendants "raised a shit ton of money for Planned Parenthood." For a more in-depth summary of the event, check out Billboard's article by Eve Barlow. It was truly a remarkable experience and you had to be there to feel the love and empowerment. But the fight is nowhere near over. The fate of Planned Parenthood is still up in the air. Call your representatives. Participate in the next rally or march. Spread the word on social media. And if you can, please donate to Planned Parenthood.