How To Achieve An Easy No Makeup Makeup Look

The no makeup makeup look is in, or as some call it the natural look. Which is great for those girls, or boys, who don't have a lot of time to get ready every day but still want to have a beat face. I've seen hundreds of tutorials on how to achieve this look and what a lot of them have in common is that the look still takes you almost as long as a full beat would. I, personally, am really busy with life and some days I want to choose to sleep in thirty extra minutes over going full beat. I would like to think I have mastered a pretty quick and easy no makeup makeup look and the compliments I get seem to concur with my findings! 

I've found the first step to a good no makeup makeup look is to have a fresh exfoliated and hydrated face. The reason why is because your skin is going to be the main focus of this look so you want it looking fresh and glowing. I won't go into what all I use, because honestly what you can use in skin care is up to the type of skin you personally have... and that's for another post! 

After taking care of the skin we move on to the fun stuff.... makeup! 

Step 1

Primer! Even when you're doing a quick look you always want to make sure to prime your skin, especially on this look. Remember the skin is the main focus and cake-y looking makeup isn't cute. 

I have quite a few primers I use but my skin has started to become dry sans my nose. So my favorite primer to use right now is the N 28 Hydrating and anti-aging primer. It's all vegan and cruelty free as well! Now if you have oily or combo skin I would stick with their Veil Primer. Either primer is going to make your makeup waterproof, transfer proof, and sweat proof. You can purchase this item at select Sephora and Nordstrom stores or their personal site. 

Step 2

Now that priming is out of the way I do a quick color correction. With this look I stick to just under the eyes, because no matter how many hours of sleep I get I still have dark circles and puffiness. But if you have other areas that really concern you then by all means correct away! 


This product by Trish McEvoy is my new favorite item that I've found so far! It corrects and treats all at one time. The only draw back for me is that it only comes in two colors, I'm hoping this changes as fair and tan are not the only skin tones in the world. I honestly don't need any other concealer after I use this... if I'm going go full beat I will use a concealer to highlight but that's it. You can find this item at select Nordstrom or Nemein Marcus stores. 

Step 3

Foundation is next. Feel free to use your favorite foundation for this. I would suggest a moderate to full coverage one to give you a flawless complexion. 


My favorite (and quick) full coverage foundation right now is this AmorePacific one! It has SPF 25 but also has skincare, which I'm really big into wearing a foundation that helps treat the skin and not just cover up. It's a Korean beauty line and the skincare in the foundation is high end. I also have a hard time wearing any foundation with SPF but this one has not caused a single breakout. You can pick this up at select Sephora and Nordstrom stores or online on their personal site. Though with it being foundation I would suggest going and getting color matched as this does retail at $80 (you get two in one box though so really $40 a piece). 

Step 4

Setting the foundation! This can be optional though with summer coming up I do like to set my foundation with a lightweight powder. 

My favorite setting powder of all time is the Ambient Powder by Hourglass. They have six colors but my favorite is Dim Light. These powders are talc free so they don't leave you looking matte but instead leave a subtle glow. They also blur your features so it looks like you have an Instagram filter on, #nofilter needed then! Now if you tend to be oily and are afraid to use this powder I would say go with a loose setting powder, my favorite for that is Laura Mercier in translucent. The hourglass powder can be found the same places that the primer is! 

Step 5 

Giving your face some shape! When I do the no makeup makeup look I do not like to do a harsh contour and I never do it with a concealer or cream when doing this look. 

Hoola is honestly one of my all time favorite matte bronzing powders! I use this to contour the face and nose and I even use it on my eyes to deepen the crease in my no makeup makeup look. I place this under the cheek, around the forehead, and down the nose and then crease of the eye. But if you don't contour all of those places just place it where you would like! By now I'm sure everyone knows where they can find this but I'll list a few stores... There is select Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, and of course their website. They also have a new Hoola Lite, which I can't wait to try! 

Step 6

A pop of color! With all of that correction, foundation, and powder you'll be looking a little flat so I add a pop of color at this point. 

My favorite blush to do this with is Nars Orgasm! I'm sure most of you already have this in your makeup bag, but if not it's a good staple to have. I don't use as much as I normally would because I just want a slight flush, so instead of using my usual blush brush I use one that's not as dense. You can find these at select Sephora, Nordtrom, Ulta stores or their own boutiques or online store.

Step 7

Highlight! Because I can't live without it. This step is completely optional, you don't have to do it if you do not want to. 

I love the BH Cosmetics highlights. Their affordable and very pigmented. This four piece only costs $12.50! I don't go in with the highlight as much as I would if I was doing a full face. I take a fan brush and lightly apply to just the top of my cheeks and under the brow bone. You can find this palette on 

Step 8

Mascara! I choose not to use any type of liner with my no makeup makeup look but you can if you want. 

This is a newish mascara from Clinique and it has three settings. I love it! It's the Flutter-To-Full mascara. I usually keep my setting on full because I like big lashes. It's a nice price point as well. I usually do two coats on each eye and call it good. You can find this as select Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Macy, Dillards stores as well as Clinique's own website. 

Step 9

Lips. I don't like to wear full on lipstick with a no makeup look or if I do it's a nude color. I usually go for a tint or stain. 

Honestly the Clnique baby tints are my favorite for the look. Not only because they are affordable but also because they are hydrating and don't try my lips out. They give just enough tint to deepen my natural color on my lip and to complete the look! You can find this pretty much at all the stores I listed for the mascara. Clinique is a huge brand, so it should be no problem locating somewhere to go in store and browse their colors for this tint! 

That's it! That is all I do for my no makeup makeup look! You can choose to set it with setting spray if you like or not. I choose not because my primer does a good job of holding up my makeup and I don't have a lot on so if I do need to touch up it's super easy. This look takes me about ten minutes max to complete and that's if I have music on and I'm performing to myself in the mirror. All of these items are of course changeable with your favorite products and just like skincare what might work for me might not work for you! 


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