5 Oscar Snubs We Need to See

If you watched the Oscar Awards like I did on Sunday, then you know the big winners were La La Land, Moonlight, and Manchester by the Sea. For the most part anyway. And while all of those are on my must-watch list, there are some films that didn't take home an award, but from what I hear, are worth watching. I mean, they've gotta be good if they were nominated, right?

Here are my top 5 picks of Oscar-nominated films that weren't big winners, but are certainly on my to-do list.



Alright, so first off, I've been in love with Dev Patel (who plays the adult version of the film's protagonist) since I saw him in Slumdog Millionaire. Then, I discovered the world that was Skins. So whenever I see something with his name attached to it, I'm already dying to see it. Lion is a film about a man who was separated from his family as a boy, and returns to his home village to find them. It was nominated for six Academy Awards, but didn't win in any of the categories. This is definitely the first on my list.

Hell or High Water

So, this one I caught the tail end of while visiting a friend one day, and from what I saw, it's worth a watch. Hell or High Water hits home because it's based on a true story that happened right here in good ol' Texas. The film is a modern-day Western set in rural Texas, and focuses around two brothers who are polar opposites, but somehow pull off a string of bank robberies in an attempt to save their family's land. The film stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges, and was nominated for four Academy Awards. 


This film is an exception to the list because it did take home the Oscar for Best Sound Editing (one of its eight nominations of the night). What makes me excited to see this film is its plot. Arrival is based off of the book, Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang, and is about a linguist (portrayed by Amy Adams) who is called by the military to help translate an alien language after several of their spaceships land on Earth. During her encounters with the aliens, she begins having vivid visions of her deceased daughter. Even though it sounds far-fetched, I think it's definitely worth at least trying to watch.


Once again, my undying love for Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken over my sense of reason. Since I found out he had signed on to write on the soundtrack for the film, I was bound to be hooked. While I've had the soundtrack on repeat for months, I still have yet to sit down, and watch Disney's newest film. Moana was nominated for two Academy Awards, and even though it was beat out by both Zootopia (which I loved) and La La Land, the reviews I've read point me in the direction of this being a must-watch. Moana, named for the movie's heroine, is set on the Polynesian island Motunui, and sees Moana off on an adventure with the demi-God Maui across the ocean where she discovers new things about herself, and how far she's really willing to go. While I'll probably wait until the movie's released on Redbox, and watch it with my niece and nephew, I'd say this film is probably for anyone, young or old, who's a real Disney fan.


There was a lot of buzz surrounding this film when it was first announced, but it didn't seem to harness a huge fan base like La La Land and Moonlight did. Or perhaps it was just released too early. All I know is, biographical films are my favorite kind. Nominated for three Academy Awards, Jackie stars Natalie Portman as the titular character Jackie Kennedy. The movie chronicles her days in the White House as President John F. Kennedy's First Lady, and the days following his assassination. Based off of an article written by Theodore H. White for Life magazine, it's sure to be both an entertaining and educational experience.

If you're a movie buff like me, and are stuck on what movie to watch when you're spending a night at home alone, then I suggest one of these five Oscar-nominated films sure to quench whatever genre thirst you may have, and if you do, be sure to let us know by following us on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or checking out our Facebook page.