Girl Power Fashion

The feminist movement is upon us and it's not going anywhere.... as it shouldn't. Just like some like to voice their opinions with speech.... others like to do that with fashion. Here are some of my favorite girl power fashion items on the market. They will range from super affordable to luxury brands... so there will be something for everyone's price point. 

Let's start off with .... Girl Gang!  

This shirt comes from Forever21 and is super affordable at $14.90

Don't worry I have my plus size divas covered too with one from Forever21+ and it is priced at $17.90. 

Another favorite of mine is by The Outrage with it's price at $32 and 15% of profits made from every item in the Nasty Women Unite line goes to Planned Parenthood. So let's throw in a pair of leggings from the line I love as well, as seen down below. 

Let's not forget that it's great when women empower other women.

This one comes from Feminist Apparel and is only marked at $29.95. There is loads of other amazing shirts, sweatshirts, and even bags on this site. 

I have to sum all of this up with Stella McCartney's great Thanks Girl handbag and matching book bag. 

These lovely things are more on the high end of the price range starting in the $900's to just a little over $1,000. But if properly taken care of these beauts can last you a very long time and you can get your money's worth. 

At the end of the day fashion is a movement in itself and you are able to speak through it. So all I have to say is this.... 

Here's to bad ass women. May we know them and may we be them! 


Mandi WigginsComment