Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Photo source:  Lime Crime's Twitter

Photo source: Lime Crime's Twitter

Most likely stemming from our 90s childhood obsession with Lisa Frank, unicorns are all the craze right now. There's unicorn toast, unicorn makeup brushes, and even lipstick called "Unicorn Tears." The craze doesn't stop at food and makeup. Through their newsletter, Lime Crime recently announced their newest collection called Unicorn Hair. The collection is set to be available on Monday, April 3. And the colors in the collection are mythically magical! Keep reading to see a preview of all the colors offered in the Unicorn Hair collection.

Lime Crime

According to their site, Lime Crime is a Los Angeles based makeup company that designs, manufactures, and assembles their products right in LA. Lime Crime is certified vegan and cruelty-free so you can look good and feel good without having to worry about animal testing. The brand is also a trendsetting cult favorite among beauty bloggers and vloggers. Lime Crime is partially responsible for setting trends such as the unicorn craze. They even claim their products are "makeup for unicorns." Popular for their bright, vibrant colors, it only made sense that Lime Crime's newest collection would be Unicorn Hair.

Unicorn Hair

Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair is a collection of "hyper-performance semi-permanent hair color." For just $16 USD, the 6.76 fl. oz. jars of Unicorn Hair dyes are vibrant, conditioning, long-lasting, and gracefully fades. The hair color comes in two formulas -- full coverage and tint. The full coverage formula is more pigmented and saturated whereas the tinted formula is more sheer and pastel. For darker, unbleached hair, Lime Crime recommends using full coverage colors. For freshly bleached hair, tints are recommended. Like all the other products manufactured by Lime Crime, Unicorn Hair is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. And the best part is that Unicorn Hair does not contain bleach. So it won't damage your hair and will fade on its own over time! Head over to Lime Crime's site to see the entire Unicorn Hair collection.

Which unicorn hair color is your favorite?

Let us know on social media! And remember, you'll be able to order a jar of Unicorn Hair on Monday, April 3rd.