Festival Season Is Upon Us...

It's that time of year again.... Festivals are starting to happen all around the world. It's also the time of year where people love to put together cute outfits for said festivals and post them all to their social media. While most of us are up on worldly news, like culture appropriation... sadly some have not quite caught up. So I thought I would piece together five cute, yet appropriate festival outfits.

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3 

Look #4

Look #5

These outfits took me no time to piece together and I can name plenty of department stores where you can walk in and find similar pieces all within the same floor or section. I know colorful headpieces or gorgeous Bhindi jewelry might just make your outfit "pop", but trust me when I say.... It's for all the wrong reasons. 

Let me leave you with this....

My number one rule when piecing together an outfit for festivals is ask yourself this.... Would this *insert item here* offend a group of people? Here's the answer.... if you're having to ask yourself that.... then you probably shouldn't wear it.