How To: Write a Resume Without Zero Experience

By Kirsten F. 

“Your resume is how people get a glimpse of who you are before actually meeting you.”

Via Google/FOX

Via Google/FOX


If you’re like me then your list of job experience is as short as Amber Rose’s hair. Your resume looks so empty that you’re almost embarrassed  by it, and its lack of content. This is for the people who didn’t have jobs in high school and opted out of college or the military. This is also for the people who went through a depressive state right after high school. I mean sure, if you find something useful from this, then this is for you to. I’m here to tell you how my resume has only one official job, and a butt-load of experience on it.

When I was high school, I was very nonchalant about everything. Working was never something that crossed my mind, and college, well… That’s a story for a later date. However I was very active during both of those times (Girl Scouts, 4-H, all sorts of after school activities).  Eventually it was time for me to get a job, because obviously I had to grow up + make big girl money, because I had big girl responsibilities. This first job I ever applied for (and got) was a summer camp counselor and the only experience I had thus far was the occasional babysitting, 10+ years of summer camp knowledge and LOTS of other activities that I did in my various clubs. I also included my various interests on my resume; creating my own Myspace from scratch became my career as a blogger, being a teen leader in 4-H became my child care experience, knowing how to use different html codes turned into “some” web design knowledge. It’s okay if you’ve never held a job with a paycheck, it’s also okay to use your life experiences as a job.


A year ago I got one of the best opportunities of my life, I was chosen as an Intern for one of my favorite music venues. However I feel like my resume was what got me noticed in the first place, do I know that for sure? No, but your resume is how people get a glimpse of who you are before actually meeting you. Putting a flair of personality into your resume is ALWAYS something you should do. For instance, when I wrote about my experience as a summer camp counselor I wrote the lyrics to the camp song as part of my description. My networking name  became KirstenReneeSAYS, my social media platform. My everyday mundane activities became my “work” experiences.  Instead of being boring and just describing the experience. I added stories, and a couple of exclamation point’s.


“It’s also okay to use your life experiences as a job.”

Here’s the thing, you DON’T have to have worked in fast food as a teen, or had thousands of internships, or even have had a job at all… The simple fact that you do stuff is experience in itself, depending on what field you go into! If you volunteer somewhere that’s technically work experience, you’re just not getting paid for it! Now listen,  I’m not telling you to Google a bunch of stuff and then decide to be a teacher. I am however, telling you that just because you don’t seem to have “it” on paper, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the skills for the job.


If you know what you want, go for it. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, apply any way! Who knows, they very well could just take a chance on you and that’s what career hunting is all about. Taking chances, making connections and letting this world know that you’re doing what you want, HOW you want.