The Nanny Life: Appreciation

By: Macie R. 

Nanny (noun) : a friend, supporter, tear wiper, food prep, confidant, lonely soul, strong, messy haired, silly, tired as fuck, homework crusher, tight hug giver, diaper changing super human.

Via Tumblr 

Via Tumblr 

The list goes on and on my people.

 I have been a nanny for 6 year. SIX YEARS. A lot to some, not a lot to others.. But certainly long enough to know the ins and outs of the operation.
 I have seen and heard and hidden (for good reason) so many things in my time as a nanny.. The day you decide to watch someone’s child is the day you become bound to that family. Tied together by pieces of chewed bubblegum and spaghetti noodles.

 I always thought watching children would be rainbows and butterflies and dancing unicorns.. But boy, oh boy was I a little off. The kids are only a minor part in the nanny world. It’s only a small piece in a whole big ass puzzle.
Of course there are gapped tooth smiles, cookie smeared kisses, endless giggles, action figure battles, dress up parties and baking treat extravaganzas.. But, There is also the part that involves the late evenings without warning, the years without a single “thank you” and the expectancy. Can you imagine going through your days basically running someone else’s household and you don’t get a hello… Or a thank you? Or even a little tap on the shoulder.. Maybe that’s expecting to much, but when I bust my ass to help raise your children, sometimes I need to hear that you are thankful for that time put in..

 Don’t get me started on the “rules of the house”. How can I be expected to set rules and try to have some form of structure, balance and consistency, yet the parents can’t follow through with it.. I have found being a nanny tends to be a one sided street. The seclusion in the job itself is tough.. No adult interaction, no outside sources… Just the sounds of tiny humans running around like little gremlins.

Via Tumblr 

Via Tumblr 

 Oh, and house hold chores? How can I clean your whole house and watch your kids yet the parent can’t? I can’t figure it out… How is it I can put all of your dishes away but on Monday morning you’ve let the sink over flow with disgusting plates? Mind boggling.Laundry? Psh I’ve folded more of the parents clothes than the children’s. (A Thank you? Nah) I have seriously peeled a grown ass mans shirt apart from being stuck together. Use your imagination… I HAVE SEEN SOME THINGS. Yet, never once complained to them. But here I am venting to the cyber world.  😏

But, yet we all keep doing the damn thing. We all keep pushing through because at the end of the day, we care.. Even when we dream of ripping our hair out and running our faces into walls… Even when your social life(what’s that) doesn’t really exist.. Even when we are so broken emotionally, but have to build 6 kids up because you never want them to go a day without knowing how fucking great they are. We still carry on.

 The world wouldn’t survive without us nannies. The world wouldn’t survive without bomb ass parents. But to the parents who let their nannies go unnoticed.. Please take a moment to shower them with love. They aren’t just keeping your kids, they are loving your kids and are a major part in their growth.

 Be kind, be gentle and most of all share it.