The Nanny Life: Dealing With Needy Kids

By, Macie R. (@simplemac6)

“You have a stage 5 clinger on your hands.”

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No I’m not talking about the girlfriend/boyfriend type. I’m talking about the kid up your ass with a spiked bat type.

The pain in your side.

The one child that just sets your mood from great to not so great.

I have been dealing with this a lot as of late. I have one child in particular who SCREAMS at the top of her lungs the moment her mom drops her off in the AM. (Most kids don’t like to leave their mom so I understand the initial cry) but this screaming and whining and neediness doesn’t stop until she is walking out of the door at 5pm. (Can you say a long day)

She trails behind me all day long saying my name and begging me to hold her. I strictly have a no babying policy because it isn’t fair for one child to get more attention than the others.

Alas, It’s been a really big struggle for me because I do feel awful that she has such anxiety when it comes to separation but when is enough enough?

I’m trying to speak to her calmly and be as gentle when approaching her as humanly possible, but it tends to get extremely taxing.

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A child’s cry would be the soundtrack playing in the background of my personal hell. Truly.

Mind you this child is new to me and I have only had her about two months.. so again, Ive been understanding, but she is throwing off my entire vibe and all of the other kids vibe. It’s a chain reaction. If one kid is pissed and upset, the others tend to feed off of that.

I have tried it all. Games, toys, outside time, movies, food, holding and pampering… yet nothing is working.

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At what point is it the parents job and not so much mine to help the child? The parents leave and don’t have to see it or deal with it. Which is tough for me.. is this an at home issue? Was there a traumatic experience to cause this fear?? I can’t quite seem to pin point it.

Things take time. I’m aware. Just holy moly. I could rip my hair out. Have a complete Brittany spears meltdown every time I hear her tiny whine.


Even Nancy drew couldn’t solve the mystery of this crying child.