The Nanny Life: Playing Favorites

By Macie R. 


Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr


I hate to play favorites with my kids… BUT.. I play favorites. More so “have” favorites. I have my certain top picks.. First drafts. Go to’s. You get it.

It’s absolutely unintentional, obviously…

I keep roughly about 9 kids throughout the week and two of them I can honestly say have stolen my heart. My soul. My entire. Even though I love them all, those two kids touch my life in different ways. Kindred spirits if you’d like to call it that.

One of the three can tell if I’ve had a shit day by just looking at me. I don’t even have to open my mouth, he just knows.. How I will never understand that. He will walk straight up to me and compliment my hair (even though it’s a rugged mess and I haven’t even brushed it that day). He just genuinely WANTS to be gentle and kind and affectionate. It’s a beautiful gift for a child to have. He really sees the world and wants to understand all that surrounds him. He would rather play with makeup than action figures, he would rather talk about God than mine craft and he would rather day dream about saving starving kids than make believe he’s a ninja turtle. He turns to me to keep his secrets.. He feels secure and safe knowing he is in a constant no judgement zone at my house. I am not here to condemn him for expressing himself. He is all around pure and good to his core. I really try to do my best to find ways and conversations to pull out his love of life and people. I never want him to feel that being aware and emotionally connected is ever ever a bad thing in this life.

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr


Then there is my sweet girl. Woo wee.

Where do I begin? She’s the definition of light. As soon as I see her smile, I am instantly in the most joyful mood. She radiates love. Hearing her voice calling me Mae Mae.. words cannot begin describe the way I melt. Even though she may not “need” me, she sure does put me on a pedestal and I’m not mad about it one bit. Her giggles are infectious. Whatever she’s into, you’re into with her because you can’t tell her no. You can’t hurt her feelings. So you cave.. almost every time. Two popsicles in a row??? ABSOLUTELY! The bonus of this kid is she’s also family. So no matter how old she gets, she will always know me, she will never lose me. I will always be whatever she needs me to be. Being an aunt to her is the most rewarding gift I’ve been given besides my fiancé. This child is who I base my future child on. If they even remotely have the heart of this honey girl, I am going to be over the moon.

So yes.. I do baby these two. I do all the mushy gushy kid stuff with them. But I have no apologies. No regrets. All of my kids get every ounce of me during the week. EVERY OUNCE. But just at the end of the day, these are the two that stay fresh on my mind. The two that make what I do so fulfilling.

Go love on your babies.