The Nanny Life: Take Time For Yourself

By. Macie R. (@simplemac6) 

“ Attention all you nannies:
   Are you ever just tired?
   Like fall the fuck out exhausted? “

Via Tumblr 

Via Tumblr 


Have you ever wanted to crawl into the dryer and nap because no ione will ever think to look for you there?

Or maybe you have heard one too many screams from a child today and you honestly considered throwing yourself into oncoming traffic?

Well I’m here to let you know you aren’t alone and no, you aren’t crazy! (At least not yet)

Wow, I mean… KIDS. Holy shit dicks.

They are these tiny humans (more like gremlins) that manage to suck the living day lights out of you, and not even give a rats ass.

They never stop going. They never stop shouting or spitting or slobbering on your coffee table or smiling those goofy two teeth smiles. They just don’t ever STOP.

I mean by 5 PM I’m barely scraping myself off of the ground at the end of the day? Yet those little creatures keep on chugging along. And let’s not forget that after work, we have our own lives. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN. We so easily put our personal lives on the back burners.. We have our own families and tasks and TV shows (sytycd) to watch and laundry(that never ends) to fold and dishes that are piling up to the ceiling.

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Via Tumblr


How can you even find the energy? Where does it come from? Because we all manage to dig deep and find it! We just pull it out of nowhere.

Sigh, Even though I’d love to think I can handle EVERYTHING UNDER THE BRIGHT YELLOW SUN, truth be told, I cannot. Even I crack. Like really crack. Wide ass open.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up after 10 and was in bed before midnight.. Or a day where my feet didn’t ache or my head wasn’t pounding.. WHERE IS THAT LIFE? Where is that paradise island?!? SOS I AM OVER HERE!!

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via Tumblr 


To be honest, I’m just a walking zombie. Well, a uber cheery ass zombie. But a zombie none the less.

I know us nannies and even moms are  just climbing to the top day by day. I know we are wearing so much armor and baby formula that our knees are shaking, but we never fall. We may have some cracks, some exposed pieces, but we are still whole. And for that, I am damn proud.

I think I’d like to take a moment to encourage every mom and nanny out there to remember what makes them laugh, remember how to feel alive. Remember the things that make you want to wake up in the mornings. Take those vacations. Take those car rides around the block just to get out of the house. Go lay out in the kitchen and shove your face full of left over lasagna and not give a flying shit. Just find your you time. (Even if a kid is dangling at your side)