Life Lessons: Let It Go

By Darius D.

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There’s nothing wrong with letting things go. things that aren’t fulfilling to your life or things that you feel are harming you but you also feel attachments to. Things that are hindering you from moving forward in your life.

There are so many lesson I’ve learned and am still learning when it comes to bettering myself. I like to share and compare my notes with other people to see what other routes can be used to achieve a common goal.

Some people have trouble letting things fade away, while others have no problem at it and actually seem to enjoy throwing things away. Clutter, pictures, clothes that you never wear anymore, the list goes on and on. Emotional binds seem to be the things that most people, even myself, struggle with the most, and that coupled with nostalgia is no fun. The constant reminders of what used to be and the flood of ideas on how to get it back can be oh so annoying, and fighting the currents to maintain whatever it is, is just so exhausting

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However, there’s always that cue that breaks your daydream off. That thing that happened that led the situation to be what and where it is in the present time. I’m learning to pay attention to that majorly defining moment instead of allowing myself to be whisked away to Neverland. Literally, Neverland and when you have the realization that things may very well never be what they were, for better or for worse, is when you can be a little happier. It could be that it was meant to be a lesson or that you needed a break from whatever it is you’ve grown so attached to so that it can become something better, or at the most negative, a mistake that should’ve never happened.

In any event, there’s always a reason behind the things that happen in our lives, whether we understand them or not. I’m a firm believer in that most things we don’t understand right now will be brought to light at some point in the near or far future. Letting go is a part of growing up, and you have to make space for more experiences some kind of way, and not letting go of a job, an ex, or a certain experience could actually be doing more damage than benefit to your life and well-being.

It takes practice, as with anything else, but I feel like it’s worth the effort, but I’m just rambling now.

that’s all I have for today. be easy.

and remember, stopping by every reflective surface you see is perfectly okay.