Spirituality VS Sexuality: What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Leaves You For Jesus

By Macie R.

“Two people on fire for the lord is always better than one.” 

*Names have been changed*

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I was pretty set on what I was going to talk about as my first post. you know, Friday night cocktails, how much waxing does your vagina really need, giving yourself some TLC because lord knows no one else is, but alas here I am with a totally off the wall topic.

 I was recently involved in a phone conversation (which I usually avoid at all costs because I mean.. Who doesn’t want to text?) with a close pal and he (John) proceeded to disclose some information regarding his ONE YEAR relationship. Emphasis on the ONE YEAR because that’s pretty freaking magical to make it to these days and it will come into play in a bit. My friend is a gay man (yes GAY , and   I’m also a gay woman for those reading this) so yes, this conversation and probably many to follow, are going to focus around a homosexual relationship, so brace yourself conservatives of the world! Any-who, he is dating this fellow (Skylar) whom from what I understand, is quite a lovely lad. 

Like I said, it’s been ONE YEAR, why would John stick around if Skylar wasn’t the cats pajamas? Right? Well, here’s the catch ladies and gents, THEY HAVE OPPOSITE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Who’d a thunk it? Something most people (this includes all orientations) fail to consider or address when entering a new relationship. You’re too “in love” to talk about God right? Too busy in the honey moon phase to discuss whether or not you can be supportive of each others views. Well, Skylar is a Christian and believes that sexual activity before marriage is something to not indulge in.. Now, people, that would be acceptable and completely understandable had they actually stuck to it after all of this time. But after ONE YEAR, shouldn’t this  want of celibacy have been maybe…talked about? NOPE. Skylar is just now wanting to stick to his guns and cut off all sexual acts. No big deal, right? What’s the problem there? 


Well people, it wouldn’t be if he had actually wanted John to be a part of that journey.. He wants to handle this one “solo”. (Yes, I was just singing to the song solo as I typed that, I hope you were too.)Now John is what you’d call a spiritual being, he is not necessarily tied to any certain religion yada yada yada. But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t supportive and loving of Skylar’s  walk with God. Clearly, John was 100% juicy juice on board with Skylar about taking steps back physically. Yet, it was a walk Skylar wanted to walk alone. Sad right? How can after ONE YEAR you wouldn’t want to share that journey of religion with someone who is basically standing there, arms open, saying BRING IT ON BABE! 

“You’re too “in love” to talk about God right? “

So all of that led me to this question,  can two people learn to mesh religion? Like truly collide together and it be truly accepted by both parties? If one person is willing to dive head first and learn about your ways and your families ways, shouldn’t that be considered a damn blessing? Do you think your faith could actually strengthen if your partner was dabbling in it with you? Couldn’t you both grow individually and as a UNIT? Perhaps I’m bat shit crazy, but I think two people on fire for the lord is always better than one. (Yes I said bat shit in a religious post…bite me) 

My point of this article? Beats me, honestly. I have yet to experience an opposite religious view with my counter part. But I do think if you’re blessed enough to have a partner who is on your team, who loves you for all of your shades, who is standing right fucking there begging you to let them into your spiritual world, let them! How could curiosity in your relationship with anything ever be a bad thing? How could allowing your loved one entrance into that part of you, be such a negative? 

Well, that’s all folks. I will leave you with this. Grab tight to your lovers roots, grab tight to your faithful foundation and grow like trees.