It's Money Honey: The Millennials Guide To Keeping Your Pockets Filled

by Kirsten F.

Via Google

Via Google


For some reason people assume that we as a generation don't know what hard work is. Let me be quite clear about Generation Y aka The Millennials; We know how to hustle better than most. So what if we buy wine by the caseloads and spend hella bucks on concert tickets. However we work our asses off to be able to treat ourselves to such delicacies.  We have zero problem working more than one job, it's just that our jobs tend to be whatever WE choose to create.  We're the writers, the animators, the artist, the Youtubers, the bloggers... We are the app developers, and the startup champions. We have our own way of surviving and taking care of ourselves, and that's alright. 

I called out to all of my millennial pals on the internet (well, Facebook) and asked them to give me some of their hella savvy, simple, and genius ideas on how to save money! These tips are great for the internet generation, the minimalist, and those of us who just need to get a handle on our lives. Saving money isn't something that needs to be stressed about, because you can save as much or as little as you choose. Just make sure you invest in yourself financially because who better to take care of you than you? Like I said, no matter if you're just saving change or a few dollars here and there. Taking responsibility financially is the most important part of adulthood. Holding yourself accountable is the most important thing you can do as an adult. Your finances, your life, your everything is up to you because only you are responsible for your own shit. 

Seriously, this is coming from me to you; don't stop trying just because money is tight and things don't seem to be going your way.  Keep hustling, and you'll get there but only if YOU take life by balls and face yourself in every way. 


1. Put Your Debit Card Down! 

 - Ashley 


2. Buy Instead of Rent.

- Erin B.


3.Online Banking is A Thing You Need. 

- Christin T.


- Tareva M. 


4. Slow Your Roll Big Spender.

- Deshavious D. 


5. Treat Your Savings Like Another Expense.

- Maddi P. 


- Jaylnn W. 


6. Sell Your Old Clothes For Cash.

- Sarah G.


7. Become a Coupon Master.

- Joshua T. 


8. Direct Deposit Isn't Just For Checking Accounts.

- Catherine W. 


Valerie N.


9. Putting Excess Money Back.

- Anon 


- Caylen P. 


11.  Meal Prepping is a Money Saver.

- Destiny H. 


12. Add A Little Extra When You Pay a Bill. 

- Antoine W.